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The Promo and the Tag

There is a great similarity between a promo actor, and a commercial actor. In both cases truth casting applies. In the so-called old days, “promo guys” were all cut from the same cloth. Either the Ernie Anderson basso, or the Casey Kasem sweet, sweet, “California Crackle.” Both of these men, for many years, led the…

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The Things my Mother Never Did, or Served Us

Can you imagine growing up without the benefit of having tasted peanut butter? I was one of those guys who fell in love with the great American spread when I entered the United States Army at age nineteen. It was one morning at breakfast when I first discovered the delight of the sticky, life-perserving substance….

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Kaplan, Solovey, O’Shea, and of course the Pulchritudinous Mrs. Glassberg

Not a sports team; they influenced my life, although I can’t attest to whether or not they did so on purpose. They could be anybody, but today they belong to me. They were my teachers at Public School 233, from the second through the fifth grade. In retrospect, I don’t think they cared for me….