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​This level of study is formatted for non-actors only with an emphasis on the following goals:

  • To learn the Kalmenson Method - a simple, yet powerful focus tool for voice over copy that allows the actor to see themselves in any given script and to find your own "truth" in voice over.
  • To learn what to do with a script! When presented with copy anywhere, anytime, you will know what to do with it to make it your own, using the Kalmenson Method to ensure performance excellence, honesty, attitude choice and attitude commitment.
  • To get a great workout and develop a comfort zone behind the microphone, in a full service broadcast recording studio, complete with performance critique by coaches who are voice over professionals.
  • To expand your base of self-knowledge, identifying your human traits, evaluating which will transfer over and apply to voice over performance.
  • To identify and hone strengths and weed out weaknesses.
  • To begin the process of discovering your own "voice over signature" - your own trademark. This will be the backbone of your future Voice Over Demo.
  • To gain guidance, insight, and inspiration on where to go from here from one of our guest directors.
  • “self-direction” for your VO auditions.
  • To develop instincts to begin mastering SELF-DIRECTION which is common protocol for most vo auditions these days.
  • Addressing today’s trend for VO sessions (vo jobs):  taking direction remotely and successfully being responsive, while you are recording from your home studio or a pro recording studio/facility.
  • Addressing your questions about the business side:  discussing future VO demo, home studio, vo agent, self-marketing, next steps, etc.
  • Rigorous workout performance will include monologue, "real", and spokesperson dialogue and natural character copy.

Recorded classes, with performances and critiques available for student review (for 1 week after each class session).


Foundations: For Non-Actors (New to VO)

# Z-29042  Thursdays: August 29 to October 3, 2024 (6pm to 9pm PT) - ONLINE

# Z-29044  Saturdays: September 7 to October 12, 2024 (10am to 1pm PT) - ONLINE

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Enrollment Details

All Class Size: 10 student maximum

Cycles: 6 consecutive weeks. Saturday options available. 

Evening Classes: Times vary. Check class schedule.

Afternoon Classes: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm PST (total of 18 hours) & 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm PST (total of 18 hours) Times may vary.

Class Length:  Class length may vary based on size. If the class only has 5 students enrolled it will be a 2-hour class.

Tuition: $595 Payment Plans available. (Prices are subject to change; call to verify).


Make-up & Refund Policy: No class make-ups or refunds for missed classes. Class recordings provided.

Location: Online Zoom

Materials: All materials provided.

Instructors: Our teaching staff are all veteran voice over professionals who have been carefully chosen and intensively trained in The Kalmenson Method.

Note: All classes are conducted in English.

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