Ted Sroka

Ted is probably best known to video game fans as the voice of Dan Hibiki in the Street Fighter video game series and the voice of Mega Man X in Marvel Versus Capcom Infinite.

Other video games you have heard Ted’s voice in include Fire Emblem Heroes, Final Fantasy Fables, Demon Gaze, Dark Rose Valkyrie, Trillion - God of Destruction, Rune Factory, Samurai Heroes, and Dynasty Warriors.

Ted is also known for his work in several anime series including Mobile Suit Gundam, Ikki Tousen, Paranoia Agent, I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, The Melody of Oblivion, Angel Tales, Hunter X Hunter, and Sword Art Online.

He has played characters in national radio and television campaigns for McDonald’s, Aetna Insurance, Honda, Arco Gas, Red Bull, Scott's Lawn Care, Wells Fargo, Direct TV, and Blue Bunny Ice Cream (which was cast here at Kalmenson), as well as promotional spots for Assassin's Creed Origins. Beginning readers have heard Ted’s voice in the Moby Shinobi series of children’s stories as well as “Super Manny Cleans Up”.

He spends most of his free time watching animation, playing Dungeons & Dragons and video games. He has a weakness for pizza and donuts.

He is a graduate of Cathy Kalmenson’s working Pro 1 and 2 classes.