Why a celebrity voice?

Well, you wouldn't just allow a stranger into your home. Unless, that is, you recognize his or her voice; for sure or subliminal. In a way, they aren't an uninvited guest trying to sell you something. More like a friend influencing your purchase.  

Aflac campaign feat. the voice of Beth Littleford.
Client: Publicis Seattle

Wells Fargo Campaign feat. the voice of Shhhhhh
(we still can't say).

Client: BBDO

What else does a celebrity voice bring?

  • A unique signature, often with a strong sense of natural character, gravitas or genuineness.
  • A skill level, and confidence, that translates as a strong backbone/identity for the product.
  • The ability to establish or reinforce a product's desired identity.
  • A force of credibility to a product that results in respect and prestige among the ranks of the target audience.

Ready to find out more?

Services Include:

Celebrity Casting & Brainstorming
Celebrity Directed Auditions
Celebrity Procurement
Celebrity Negotiation
Celebrity Session Direction
Celebrity VO Coaching

By providing excellence in celebrity casting, brainstorming, procurement, and negotiation for the following buyers of celebrity voices:

  • Ad agencies
  • Sponsors
  • Animation Studios
  • Animation Production Companies
  • Game Developers
  • Reality Show Producers
  • Feature Film Production Companies
  • Documentary Production Companies
  • TV Show Production Companies
  • Web Content Producers

Lexus campaign feat. the voice of Minny Driver.
Client: Team One

BMW campaign feat. the voice of Chris Pine.
Client: GSD&M

By servicing celebrity agents, celebrity managers, and celebrities with:

  • Casting opportunities to pitch celebrity ideas
  • Celebrity audition opportunities
  • Celebrity directed auditions at K&K
  • Celebrity directed auditions via phone
    • Celebrity directed auditions on location (on set or in studio)
  • Celeb VO Coaching

All of the above with respect for privacy, with an appreciation for each actor’s unique accomplishments, and with direction & notes at the highest level. We tap into true acting craft, with sensitivity and unique responsiveness to each individual.

Rates are established on a per project basis.
For  customized estimates, call Cathy Kalmenson: 818.377.3600 ex. 116 or email our casting department