"Your help with casting the "hard to find" VO talent was always great and totally professional!"
- Douglas C Brown, Producer

"I look forward to working with you again!"
- Sara Haun, Associate Producer, 22squared, Tampa

“Thank you for making this so easy. Everyone here was really impressed with the level of talent in all the auditions. Also I find it much easier to pay your booking fee to do the bookings--especially over the weekend. Thank you for that!! Thanks again for yet another fantastic, very professional job.”
- Patti Bott, VP/Executive Producer, BBDO, San Francisco

“I just wanted to let you know that I love working with you.  The female vo talent for Subaru and the male vo talent for Xcel Energy are PHENOMENAL! Thank you for your work, choosing such incredible and versatile talent, and being the loveliest ladies in the biz. Looking forward to the next project.”
- Henni Iwarsson, Content Producer, Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis, MN

"I simply love working with the team at Kalmenson & Kalmenson. They are incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, creative, fast, and efficient. They bring added value to every production. Thanks so much for all you do!"
Erik Ramstad, Senior Broadcast Producer, PERISCOPE, Minneapolis, MN

"#1 The best talent. #2 One phone call. #3 No hassle - no "gottcha's. #4 Always on time and on budget. #5 Always interested in the success of your project. #6 Just great people from the inside out. #7... I could go on and on, but for nearly 20 years, this is what K&K meansa to me. They are the best."
Curt Dahl, Sr. Exec. Producer, BONNEVILLE COMMUNICATIONS, Salt Lake City, UT

"No matter how big or small the project or budget is, K&K always delivers and we always find talent that we are more than happy with!"
Angela R. Barber, Freelance Producer

"I always choose Kalmenson because they always make my life easier with their vast voice talent resources and their exemplary service and attention to detail."
- Corey Siewert, Producer, MEDIA LOFT, Minneapolis, MN

"...Thanks for searching high and low for us. I don't think you left any stone unturned on this one. Appreciate all the help!"
- Jon Mielke, Associated Integrated Producer, CARMICHAEL LYNCH, Minneapolis, MN

"Dear Kalmenson Team! Thank you so much for being a part of our joint effort in making somethinginthesea.com as successful as it has been for our client! You are great with VERY tight deadlines and have a wonderful range of talent that we have enjoyed listening to as they bring our story to life! Thank you for all your great work!"
- Tina Tanen, CONCEPT ARTS, Los Angeles, CA

"Got your recent mailing and wanted to thank you for another year of great work. You've saved me a ton of time. And wanted you to know the Atlanta Gas Light campaign you cast for me made it into the 2001 Communications Arts Annual which comes out this December. Needless to say that when fellow writers ask me to recommend help with voice casting, I tell them about you guys. Thanks again. "
- Jerry Williams, FITZGERALD & COMPANY, Atlanta, GA

"When I ask for a specific voice, I don't receive the same voice-over announcers every time, I get what I asked for. In the past with other casting facilities I've asked for authentic western voices and received announcers, two John Wayne and Henry Fonda sound alikes. When working with Kalmenson & Kalmenson I get the genuine article which makes it easier on everybody during the session. It's not just the people they bring in, it's the way they work with them. They are an extension of our ad agency. I'm not sure how they do it, but they always seem to meet our deadlines."
- Jim Bernasconi, MCCANN ERICKSON, San Francisco, CA

"Kalmenson & Kalmenson is terrific. They are worth every penny and we use them whenever our budget allows because they are the best. They have found the "perfect voice" for us time and time again. We really trust them to find what we need. I would highly recommend Kalmenson & Kalmenson to other agencies."
- Kris Wiinikainen, CARMICHAEL LYNCH, Minneapolis, MN

"If you need great casting and you need it tomorrow and you need it right, call Kalmenson & Kalmenson."
- Debra Trotz, Freelance Producer

“Thank you – appreciate this whole team!”  

Jake Folska, Content Producer, Carmichael Lynch

 "For top quality and fast turnaround, nobody does it like Kalmenson & Kalmenson. They invariably deliver the widest spectrum of talent, and they can do it practically overnight. They're total professionals and, on top of that, they're genuinely nice people."

"Kalmenson's ridiculously huge database of talent, their combined years of expertise (the exact number of which I've been sworn not to reveal), and their attention to detail means you always get more than you ask for. Even when you ask for more than you asked for."

"WARNING: Listening to K&K casting tapes may result in an unbridled desire to fill out Clio entry forms."
- Eric Poole, SPLASH RADIO, Los Angeles, CA

"Kalmenson & Kalmenson always come through with the best and most unique voice over talent LA has to offer, with more choices and more selections for the creatives to choose from. They make my job easier."
- Renee Calder, CAMPBELL MITHUN ESTY, New York

"Kalmenson & Kalmenson do a fantastic job for us. I have complete confidence that when I send casting specs to them, I get far more than I expected."
- Darryl Hagans, MCCANN ERICKSON, Seattle, WA

"Kalmenson & Kalmenson saves my skin at least once a month."
- Tom Plapper, Freelance Producer

"We have to deliver consistently and live up to our reputation. You have to live up to your spot. And, in my position I need vendors to help me deliver, and Cathy can do that."
- Cheryl Carter, TBWA CHIAT DAY, Los Angeles, CA

"Kall Kalmenson."
- Rob Thomas, FOOTE CONE & BELDING, San Francisco, CA

"Kalmenson & Kalmenson always seem to find the "hard to fill bill". They are prompt in their response and they always find the good quality voices."
- Jenny Burton, LEWIS ADVERTISING, Birmingham, AL

"Always concerned with any agency requests, willing to assist with casting needs from start to finish, willing to go the extra mile, highly professional and price wise competitive!"
- Vince Austin, J. WALTER THOMPSON/Detroit, Detroit, MI

"Cathy & Harvey are at the top of their game. Always giving to their clients the most accurate casting possible; Kalmenson's large database of talent can accommodate the most unique requests as well as the everyday announcer. Quick turn around time and small budgets are never a problem. Cathy, Harvey and the staff have a "can do" attitude which is clear from the first moment you call Kalmenson & Kalmenson. For casting directors who get it, you can't do any better than Cathy & Harvey."
- Connie Myck, DDB NEEDHAM, Los Angeles, CA

 "It has been a pleasure working with Kalmenson & Kalmenson - you and your staff have taken great efforts to keep us abreast of all progress during this casting process which is very much appreciated."
- Christopher N. Rowley, ROWLEY INT'L INC., Palos Verdes, CA

 "No matter what the deadline, no matter what the budget, you always manage to bring to life a noteworthy product, one which makes our client happy, and which reminds us that we couldn't do it without you."

 "We're extremely grateful for your help!"
- Judy Nishimura, DDB NEEDHAM, San Francisco, CA

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