Overbrook Entertainment Animated Webisodes - (Beverly Hills, CA)
Internet Webisodes

Theo Animated Webisode - Whitestone Media (Glendale, CA)
Internet Webisodes

Ameritrade Ogilvy & Mather (Chicago, IL)
Nat'l TV Campaign - Audio Animatronic : (Talking Bull and Bear)

Blockbuster Video - Doner Advertising (Southfield, MI)

Nat'l TV Campaign - Audio Animatronic : (Talking Rabbit and Guinea Pig)

Mattel Mattel Creative Advertising (El Segundo, CA)
Toy Fair Presentation

Nissan Anime Short FilmTBWA Chiat Day (Los Angeles, CA)
Internet / CD ROM

ZazznetRich Goldman Productions (Cincinnati, OH)
Weekly Internet Animated Program

The Prodigal Son - Stillwater Productions (Glendale, CA)
Animated Video

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Stillwater Productions (Glendale, CA)
Animated Video

Jumangi Jumangi Productions (Culver City, CA)
Animated TV Series : (Incidental Roles)

Lord of the RingsInterplay Productions (Irvine, CA)

Aesop's Fables (Korean Language) - Sae Han Recording Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Children's English Instructional Video

Xenogears Square Soft Inc. (Costa Mesa, CA)
CD-Rom Game

TypeCopBowne Global International (Los Angeles, CA)
CD-Rom Educational Game

Kahlua - Splash! (Los Angeles, CA)
Interactive Website

Shinran Shonin Bowne Global Solutions (Los Angeles, CA)
The Story of Buddhism Animated Video

Budweiser DMB&B (St. Louis, MO)
The Original Frogs: "Bud", "Weis" & "Er".

Oscar Meyer LunchablesJ. Walter Thompson (Chicago, IL)

Sony Playstation - TBWA Chiat Day (Los Angeles, CA)

Pep Boys - DDB Needham (Chicago, IL)
Finally, "Manny", "Moe" & "Jack" have voices.

S.O.S. Pads - DDB Needham (San Francisco, CA)

Sony Playstation - TBWA Chiat Day (Los Angeles, CA)

Sherwin Williams J. Walter Thompson (Detroit, MI)

Fox Sports PromosWongdoody (Los Angeles, CA)

SEGA Dreamcast Foote, Cone & Belding (San Francisco, CA)

Gladlock Bags - DDB Needham (San Francisco, CA)

409 Household CleanerDDB Needham (San Francisco, CA)

Nabisco Ritz CrackersJ. Walter Thompson (Chicago, IL)

Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner DDB Needham (San Francisco, CA)

Quaker Instant Oatmeal (Spanish) - Grupo Quatro Publicidad (Dallas, TX)

Mass. Dept. of Health - Houston, Effler, Herstek & Faust (Boston, MA)

Clorox Liquid Bleach - DDB Needham (San Francisco, CA)

Hallmark Greeting Cards - Valentine Radford (Kansas City, MO)

Pepto Bismol (Spanish) Sosa Bromley Aguilar (San Antonio, TX)

Lipton Iced Tea (Claymation) J. Walter Thompson (New York, NY)
Various "Rocky" character sound-alikes.

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue DDB Needham (New York, NY)
"The Quilters"

Fox Sports Promos - Wongdoody (Los Angeles, CA)

A Troll In Central Park - Sullivan-Bluth Productions (Dublin, Ireland)
Animated Feature Film

The Ice Whale - Sullivan-Bluth Productions (Dublin, Ireland)
Animated Feature Film

Thumbelina - Sullivan-Bluth Productions (Dublin, Ireland)
Animated Feature Film

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