At Kalmenson & Kalmenson

we guide each prospective student to the voice over class that best fits their skill level

Please contact our Education Department to discuss options, 818.377.3600. ex. 111

Foundations: For Non-Actors:  first class for non-actors very new to voice over - likely one of your first exposures to a professional acting class.  

This LIVE and interactive (via ZOOM) voice acting class provides: A strong voice acting foundation:  develop voice acting skils + discover you VO brand/signature. 

via The Kalmenson Method for Voice Acting.   Focus:  The CRAFT of voice acting, via LIVE lecture, performance and critique.  Along with discussions about the business.


Foundations: For Actors :  The most empowering entry level to VO for working actors only (with established on-camera or theatrical careers seeking to add VO to their revenue stream).

This LIVE and interactive (via ZOOM) voice acting class provides: new or improved VO acting skills via The Kalmenson Method for Voice Acting. And discovering your VO brand/signature. 

Focus:  The CRAFT of voice acting, and audition self-direction via LIVE lecture, performance and critique.  Along with discussions about the business.


Prerequisite: Completion of Foundations

This class picks up right where Level 1 class ended. 

Focus: Refinements, SELF DIRECTING, Multiple attitude transitions.  

A high level series of refinements and rigorous workouts. 

Highly recommended to take shortly after completion of Level 1. 


Prerequisites: Completion of VO Foundations -OR- WORKING PRO 1

We will cover the aspects of animation through monologue, dialogue, improvisation, group performance and rigorous workout towards the following goals

Via The Kalmenson Method for voice acting:

  • Create, develop, and sustain animation characters based on truths, emotions, and actions.
  • Create a “character inventory list”  for your demo and for future audition reference.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Study current animation casting trends, address marketing and self-promotion.
  • Gain insight on where to go from here in the world of animation. 


Prerequisite: Completion of Animation 1 

The Kalmenson's are raising the bar for your growth in this challenging program designed to pick up from where Animation 1 ended. Do you have the drive to commit to what it takes to go to the next level?

  • Gain results that will contribute to your future success in animation, and beyond.
  • Create, catalogue, and market your own unique layered complex characters
  • Strengthening animation performance skills.
  • Animation, Games, Anime, and so much more.


Prerequisites:  Completion of Foundations & Level 2

Confused about preparing to make your demo? We help you design your commercial voice over demo to the point of absolute preparation for your demo recording session. The Kalmenson Method applied to the step-by-step process of creative thought and practice allows you to:

  • Align your signature with a customized voice over demo plan.
  • Make appropriate copy choices.
  • Format, edit, and rehearse the distinctive attitudes for each script.
  • Explore the considerations of music and sound effects.
  • Plot your running order strategy.
  • Class culminates in a recorded rehearsal reading of your final demo script lineup.


PREREQUISITE: You are likely represented by a voice over agent. Must have an established career in Voice Over: You book VO jobs, have a VO demo/link and pro VO resume.

Increase your VO bookings via The Kalmenson Method for VO Acting… a powerful bridge between your truth and the truth in any script… to access your authenticity. TRUTH wins. 

  • Focus: Your ACTING CRAFT
  • Mastering SELF-DIRECTION 
  • Rigorous workouts (monologue/dialogue)
  • Expansion of VO signature/brand
  • Analysis of all current trends
  • Growth beyond your current comfort zone


Prerequisite: Completion of Working Pro 1

NOTE:  THIS CLASS IS ONLY OFFERED ONCE A YEAR - Traditionally in the Fall. 

This class provides the working pro voice over actor with:

  • A high-level series of refinements
  • Multiple attitude transitions within the same script
  • Rigorous workouts
  • Creation of a customized “Personal Blueprint for Excellence” for booking blastoffs



"I took a course for VO acting here and it really changed my life. This class not only taught me how to be a better VO actor, but taught me the MEANING OF IT. THE SECRET. Cathy and "da harv" really care about you and your career and will steer you in the right direction. The teachers are all so amazing and talented. Super open-minded and supportive of their students. I booked a job, not even after but DURING, the course! That's how effective the classes were for me! If you want to pursue VO acting seriously then K&K is for you."

- Kirsten K.

Ready to find out more?


"I still refer to my workbook and my notes from the workshops often. They have been invaluable. And as long as people keep asking where to go to get better at VO I will continue to refer them to you."

- Oliver Vaquer

Hats off to the Kalmenson Method!

"Last week I had a promo audition that called for a 'conversational, down-to-earth voice,' which is NOT what I'm used to for a promo read. It felt so bizarre, like I had to deprogram my promo brain to be able to read it that way! But I used the Method...and I booked it 🙂  Hats off to the Kalmenson Method!"

- Kelly McNair

Thank you for the Method!

“Since I took Working Pro I, my agents have been so pleased with all my reads!  I've booked a few spots, and most importantly- I've had great pleasure in my work and feel free to express my individuality in each spot. Thank you for the Method!”

- Brady Hales