Kathy Grable

Kathy is known in the Los Angeles voice-over world as a prototype with her warmth and sincerity that reminds listeners of a close friend.  She’s been heard in commercials for Busch Gardens, Budget Rent-A-Car, Coke, Burger King, Epson Printers, and as the Baskin-Robbins ‘Talking Spoon’.

You’ve also heard her as the voice double for Nicole Kidman in the hit film ‘Batman Forever’, and seen on camera in commercials for Honda, McDonald's, Jack In the Box, as well as guest roles on Mike & Molly, Harry’s Law, Last Man Standing and The Wedding Band.  Recognized as one of the best voice-over teachers in L.A., she’s helped launch several voice-over acting careers.

She’s taught everyone from kids to young adults, celebrities, and well-known actors who want to break into voice-over.  Kathy has also coached working actors for audition prep and scene study.  As a Director, she’s directed plays, musicals, short films, and a 100-voice children’s choir at the landmark Hollywood Bowl. She and her husband also own a company that produces interactive books and games for mobile devices. In what spare time remains, Kathy reads, cooks, hikes, and enjoys her two daughters, and a feisty Labradoodle named Maggie.