"I’m an east coast voice actor, and was tipped off about the Kalmenson method by my old online improv coach. When I contacted K&K about remote class offerings, I found the Working Pros class was upcoming, and space was available. The class is taught in weekly sessions over Zoom, with some homework assignments and class recordings shared after each session for review.
This class helped me restructure my auditioning approach, embrace The Method, and, has helped me improve my audition quality, with renewed confidence tackling new challenges as they arise. I feel refreshed and focused heading into this last chunk of 2023.
My recommendation is an enthusiastic “Yes” - if you’re a voice talent, look over their offerings & select a class to help your career improve. If you put the work in, I’m sure you’ll see the results come out!"

Ken Foster

"The day I realized voice over was what I wanted to do, and that I wasn't very good at it, I asked a top voice over agent from one of the top voiceover talent agencies in Los Angeles what it was that I needed to do. She said, take classes and start at Kalmenson & Kalmenson. I was a broke actor who moved to LA from Boston, and used up almost all my funds. K&K was "out of my price range" but I had a long talk with myself and believed 100% that this is where I belonged, and once I learned what I needed to, that I would make this money back and then some. After my very first class, I realized I had made the right decision. Kalmenson & Kalmenson will absolutely set you up for success. Everything I learned there, I took with me to every other workshop and class around town. Kalmenson is my backbone and structure. I also realized there is no "price range" when it comes to your future and what you were born to do." 

Jay Preston

"Just finished the working pro class and just wanted to say thank you! Cathy is such an amazing teacher - smart, kind, challenging, engaging, inspiring and on and on! Teaching is such a gift - I’ve taken my fair share of classes, and just because someone is teaching doesn’t mean they’re a TEACHER, and [she] is that and so much more! I appreciate our time together and am looking forward to taking another class from you in the future. Probably animation? I love big character voices and improv! "
Much love and happy holidays."
David Brown

"Cathy and Da Harv are lovely people who care deeply for their craft and giving their students a worthwhile experience. I took their online working pro 1 class and immediately signed up for 2 upon completion. I've done a lot of VO classes and they're very much worth their tuition. Highly recommend."
-Zack Sage

"I just finished Working Pro 2. Incredible teaching. The things I had heard about Kalmenson & Kalmenson voice over instruction were true. One of the highest if not THE highest level of training you could take."
-Craig Voelker

"I still refer to my workbook and my notes from the workshops often. They have been invaluable. And as long as people keep asking where to go to get better at VO I will continue to refer them to you."
- Oliver Vaquer

"Last week I had a promo audition that called for a "conversational, down-to-earth voice," which is NOT what I'm used to for a promo read. It felt so bizarre, like I had to deprogram my promo brain to be able to read it that way! But I used the Method...and I booked it 🙂  Hats off to the Kalmenson Method!"
- Kelly McNair

"I took a course for VO acting here and it really changed my life. This class not only taught me how to be a better VO actor, but taught me the MEANING OF IT. THE SECRET. [C]athy and "[da] harv" really care about you and your career and will steer you in the right direction. The teachers are all so amazing and talented. Super open-minded and supportive of their students. I booked a job, not even after but DURING, the course! That's how effective the classes were for me! If you want to pursue VO acting seriously then K&K is for you."
- Kirsten K.

"After studying with you last year, I booked five jobs the following month!"
- Jamie Sara Lewis

"Thanks for all you shared during the Working Pro VO class June 25 - July 30. I love how passionate, thorough, inspiring, & helpful you were to me and every person in your class. I was so encouraged by your instruction, honesty, and love for the craft.
I pray you and Harvey will continue enjoying all the fruits of your lobar for many years to come." 

- Sophia Thomas

“Since I took Working Pro I, my agents have been so pleased with all my reads!  I've booked a few spots, and most importantly- I've had great pleasure in my work and feel free to express my individuality in each spot.  Thank you for the Method!”
 - Brady Hales

"I attribute my success in VO (and now singing) to your method and I'll keep using it forever!"
 Corina Riggs

" Thank you soooo much for an amazing workshop!! And thank you so much for being AMAZING!! I can't really express how truly excited i am about using the method in everyday, not only VO but also my acting & comedy. I love your honesty and no-holds-bar way of teaching. Yesterday I booked two jobs, FYI I've never booked two jobs in one day, and I know I booked them because of what I learned"
 Danni Catanese 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class and the valuable lessons you shared! During the class I had three callbacks, booked 5 jobs, three of which I recorded yesterday in the midst of celebrating my son's birthday, what an AMAZING day!"  
- Monie Mon

"My auditioning has completely changed and I’m so thankful for you!"
- Kirsten Day

"The method has been helping me immensely. In addition, I also booked two video game characters. Thanks so much for everything!"
 - Christie Cate

"Your voice over program was the first step I took toward being a professional actor. I have now voiced a character for a video game! Thank you for all you do for the acting community"
- Stephanie K

"Kalmenson and Kalmenson rocks!  My class was beyond fun and inspiring! I recently booked two global Captain Morgan commerials and a national Fedex commercial! "
- Eric Henry

"...I recently attended the Kalmenson & Kalmenson Foundations class and I could go on for paragraphs about how I so much enjoyed the course and skill building activities. I attribute not only the excellence of the school that delivered such a prime course but the skill, care, loving kindness and talent of [their staff] whose enthusiasm, professionalism and personalities created an atmosphere so conducive to not only learning the Voice Over acting craft but encouraged the entire class to succeed... Additionally, the course enhanced my appreciation for the acting community, motivated me to continue forward with the craft, especially the VO segment, and I am so proud to say that.... I am a Voice Over actor trained at Kalmenson & Kalmenson!"
- Corey F.

"I was blown away by how easily the Kalmenson Method worked for me in a tight pinch. It was a very tight pinch, actually, in terms of both my schedule and my creeping self-judgments…Luckily, I figured I might as well give myself the permission to try the Kalmenson Method to see what I could accomplish… Within minutes, I was carefree in my car, on my way to my next appointment…without any edits or any second-guessing. How often can a voice actor, or any actor, say there was absolutely no second-guessing in an audition? Not only was it freeing…but I also booked it! The best part? The session was a fun, short, sweet ten minutes thanks to that freedom. Thanks for everything."
- Maitely Weismann

"I cannot begin to tell you how much I learned from our 6 weeks together, both in voice over, acting, and life. I really appreciate the time and care you took in teaching the Method, as well as help nurture the craft."
- David Sheftell

"I have been a SAG member since 1989. I've never had ANY representation at all. I've worked a lot of SAG gigs over the years through friends, word of mouth, and Central Casting mainly for my on camera circus skills. I always wanted to pursue voice over, but was very wary of getting ripped off with the "VO demo/get an agent" industry. When I heard about the DLF VO summit I knew I had to get VIP tickets, sit in the front row, and suck everything up like a sponge.

"As soon as I heard Cathy speak at the summit I knew I wanted to hitch my VO wagon to this amazing woman. I have really enjoyed getting to know Harv through the blog, the testimonials to Harv on the website, and all the wonderful photographs and certificates hanging in the big recording room at K&K. I am very excited about the final night of VOA I on Tuesday night and the first night of VOA II on Thursday night. I'm look forward to referring to myself as a K&K alumni."
- Deon Aumaier

"Just booked another…spot… Thanks again for showing me the LA way. Woo!"
-Will Blagrove

"…these guys are so lucky… all meat no bone… it's one thing to know a lot… it is another kettle of fish to be able to convey and then to have the students actually embody the teaching so quickly."
- Stephen

"…I am relatively new to the world of voice over casting, and I can say without hesitation that the recent success I have had is due to not only your Method, but to the intangible inspiration you provide. I have seen this spill over into other areas of my professional life as well. …Your class was terrific for me… I can't thank you enough. I have a sneaking suspicion it will help me beyond voice-overs."
- Edoardo

"The class was excellent! A real 10! …It's nice to be taught by someone who actually does for a living what I'm there to learn. [The instructor and engineer's] combined years of experience gave real insight to the business. Yes, these classes are about theory (the "Method") but they aren't taught by theorists, rather by people who practice what they preach and use it in everyday life. …I'm planning on taking more classes at Kalmenson… You guys are the best! Everyone there I've met… represent your company well and show real professionalism and enthusiasm for VO. Over all, it's easy to see why you've got such a great reputation in the business."
- Craig Cody

"I wanted to take this opportunity to write and explain to you what a marvelous experience I had in… class. I have taken many notes an must say that [my instructor's] training not only re-enforced the training of other coaches but also brought to light new techniques that will come very useful in character development of future roles."
- Sebastian Feldman

"I usually hate classes. Some classes I've experienced have been about the Teachers and their egos, not about the students. This was so different. I LOVED THIS CLASS. I loved the presentation, the content and the emphasis on the student, the "whole student." It was about us, about what each individual needed. I witnessed myself and others reclaim their love of acting. Reclaim parts of themselves that they had neglected and lost. I THANK YOU for giving me an experience that will stay with me forever."
- Jennifer Warren

"I found the class to be one of the most insightful acting educational experiences I've had to date."
- Bruce Nachsin

"Sincere thanks to everyone at Kalmenson & Kalmenson for the professionalism, knowledge, guidance, and creative gifts you bestow on the students."
- Doreen Tracey

"I'm writing to let you know that I used some of what I learned in your VO class to an on camera audition and I subsequently booked the role! It gave me the key, not only to how I behaved, but why. So knowing that, I also got an idea while I was at the call back...was a bit of a risk. But then I thought of the insprirational quote (about only those who risk are truly free) and decided to do it. I knew that even if I didn't get the job, that I left truly happy knowing that I had done my best, taken some risks, and walked out with my head held high and feeling great. Then, the icing on the cake, I got the call yesterday that I booked the job."
- Jim Pirri

"I booked my first animation gig!!! I'll be playing one of the leads in a new Nickelodeon animated short. I firmly believe the freedom I gained in the Kalmenson classes helped me get this booking" 
 - Jake Green

"I just completed VO for Actors Level 1 and booked my first VO job here in LA! I'm SO excited! Since the first class, I felt I learned so much. I definitely got the skills and confidence I needed. It was really a great experience!"
- Mireya Rivera

"This is a letter of thanks. I took your Intermediate voice over class a while back... And since that class, I booked a cable job that got me my SAG card and today I just booked a United Airlines national spot. So to that I say thank you because I used the method. And the method worked. Just thought you should know."
- Maura Corey

"Thanks so much for the Disney on Ice and New York, New York jobs! But thanks especially for the Kalmenson Method and your splendid direction that enabled me to book them!"
- Jimmy Hodson

"What can be said about Kalmenson & Kalmenson along with Cathy that hasn't been said already. WOW. It is an amazing eye opening experience. Just when you think you know what is going on you are taught new ways of learning your craft. They are truly pros. If you want to get in the VO business and know the business Kalmenson & Kalmenson is the way to go. If I could give more the 5 stars I would .Your in a class of your peers that also give you feed back. You are truly learning from the PROS. I would refer them to anyone and everyone that is serious about Voice Over. Thank you"
- Ross Scebba

"You took me back to the "heart" of my voice and most of all, gave me permission again to just BE! and know that I am Enough -- and trust my gift. Priceless and necessary reminder.  You and Harvey are STARS -- nobody else does it better! I love being part of the Kalmenson & Kalmenson familia ~ can't wait to cross paths again in the very near future!”  
-Tonya Cornelisse 

“Thanks to your guidance and the lessons I'm already carrying with me, I can feel a distinct change in the way I approach my work. And for the first time in a long time, I hit 'submit' on a commercial audition with the full confidence that I had given an effective, TRUTHFUL read. I can't thank you enough for changing my life.  I'm so looking forward to the next phase of my career, one where I finally feel like I have the tools to approach so much of my work with confidence.”  
- Steve French

"I've booked my first spot (for a Levi's dealer). Without your support and the two classes I took from you, it never would have happened. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to go forward with my voice over career."
- Steve Shwetz

"Not only am I now privy to the invaluable Kalmenson Method, but I've also really begun to dig inside myself to 'peel away those layers' and I know that this will enhance every aspect of my life!"
- Sheri Donovan

"I've taken a lot of classes and I'm so glad I found yours because it has given me so much I can carry with me, and more importantly confirmed my TRUTHS to myself. Thank you for pushing me beyond my comfort zone. The class is awesome!"
- Amber Hood

"I finally feel comfortable with who I am and feel appreciated for it. I loved the 'working outside your comfort zone' night as well as all dialogue workouts. I also like the 'working pro' feel of the entire class - down to the 'agreements'. The level of commitment was contagious! I wish I could do this class again and again. Thank you! P.S. Can we all start a commune and live together and have a working pro class 24 hours a day??? Just kidding."
- Lisa Kaplan

"Thank you so much for a wonderful class. For the first time in my VO career I feel as though I'm speaking with my own voice and my own perspective and not someone else's idea of how I should sound. The permission you provided through "The Method" was invaluable; I wish you'd been around in S.F. I'm actually enjoying auditioning and worrying less and less about getting it right. VO is not easy and requires a specific set of acting skills that I did not pick up readily. After this past six weeks I feel my work has grown more than in the past six years. I will be referring everyone who asks me about VO to y'all."
- Elizabeth Payne

"I come away from you with a whole new set of tools reforged from old skills, and a confidence and excitement in my acting that I haven't felt in a long time. And because acting is so much of who I am, you really have changed my life. I can't explain what's happened to me in the past few weeks, but I'm grateful for the gifts you've given me, and for reminding me of the many gifts, occasions long-forgotten, that have been given to me over the years. Thanks."
- Gene Weygandt

"Cathy, how could six weeks go by so fast? I'm finding new things (with practice) and exploring all the elements and tools you've given me to work with. Thanks for a fresh (and growing) start, and a new attitude!"
- Telma Hopkins 'Family Matters', '227', 'Tony Orlando & Dawn'

"What a wonderful class, with applications beyond this business, but truly a useful approach to life."
- Rif Hutton

"Your Kalmenson Method really works! I've been telling everyone I work with about your workshop and I hope I can send some talented people your way. Yours is by far the best workshop I have ever taken. I will recommend you to everyone I know."
- Linda Sypien

"I am having the best year and I attribute that to you and your class. Cheers!"
- Leif Anders

"I want you to know how much I enjoyed working with you in class these past six weeks. I think it really freed me up. I also found that it helped in my on-camera career. I booked a MOW, a soap opera and six commercials while I was with you. Not only are you a terrific teacher but a good luck charm."
- Robert Clotworthy

"What can I say? You gave me my start and now I am making a living at this. I will always be there when you need me. I owe you a lot!"
- Michael Reisz

"I learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses and I thought the class was highly organized and worth every penny! Honestly, I would recommend this as a great work out and 'reality check' for any professional."
- Janice Kent

"I've booked voice overs for Kia and for Malaysia Airlines. I really think it's due, in large part, to what I learned in your Working Pro class. So...thanks!"
- Stanton Schnepp

"You have no idea the change I have discovered in my work in just this short period of time..."
- Edward A. Mackay

"I wanted to let you know that I continue to be amazed with the training program you offer. My 6 weeks of traveling almost 1/3 of the way around the globe (over 9,000 miles) was well worth the financial and emotional investment. Not only did I learn a lot about myself and the voice-over industry, but I gained a level of focus and confidence in using an approach to V.O. which is simple, concise, and meaningful. (Regardless of the results of my auditions, I can always say I've done all I can to be as focused, relaxed, and ready using what I learned in the class). I have this noticeable glowing-confident 'aura' about me - kind of like being 'unmelted' as a Hershey chocolate bar in the desert."
- Graham Tilly

"I credit so much of the freedom and personal signature info I learned from you with booking two on-camera national commercials this year!"
- Cheryl O'Neil

"I'm proud to say, (if you haven't already heard) that Evan (J. Bonifant) booked the role of 'Buster' in the new Blues Brothers 2000 movie, starring Dan Aykroyd."
- Petie Bonifant

"You helped me find the real me as an actor. I couldn't have done it without you."
- Andrew Goodwin

"Thank you for helping me to remember that in voice acting, as in the rest of my life, I have to trust myself and go for it. I got so much, personally and professionally, out of your class - it was a wonderful experience."
- Darlene Mumm

"You really helped me gain focus and direction."
- Stacy Leah Winkler

"Thanks for the epiphany....no lie. Much love and appreciation."
- Carolyn Hennessy

"Thank you for the best adventure that I have had in years."
- Carl Collins

"I enjoyed your class, and how very useful and practical the information is. I am enjoying putting it into practice."
- Nancy Linari

"I had specific goals and reasons for studying with you. Now that I have had a few days to reflect upon our six weeks together, I realize that what you gave me was much more important than a method for interpreting copy. You showed me how important introspection is as well as the significance of knowing one's own truth. Furthermore, I know this discipline will carry on into all aspects of my life forever."
- Andrea Wynn

"I can only thank you again for the wonderful work you helped me achieve in your class over the past six weeks. Your classroom is a wonderful place for an actor to work: it was challenging and aggressive, mixed with professionalism and humor."
- Paul Hungerford

"I felt inspired and invigorated, and took every bit to heart. Subsequent auditions improved."
- Laurel Page

"Your class was so... 'solid'! Thank you for sharing your expertise/experience in the business of voiceovers with others! I would certainly recommend your class to anyone seriously interested in voice-over work. Not only did I find your class to be informative, but life inspiring as well! Because it is all about the truth, isn't it? When we commit to the truth both in our professional, as well as our personal life, the rewards are eminent."
- Judy Greenberg

"Wow! What a class. I never expected to take a voice-over workshop and come away with a new and more open perspective on my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've always been more comfortable playing characters than myself. That's probably why my animation tape is complete and my commercial tape is not. However, after taking your workshop, I am very exciting by the challenge to "let go" into my own signature personality and voice-over talent. I feel very lucky to have met you before I plunged into recording my commercial demo. Thank you again for an incredibly rewarding experience."
- Robert "Zundy" Kramer

"I had to express my gratitude to you both for bringing me to the next development along my path...the possibility of an arena to make my heart sing once again... the ability to embrace my truth and find it something really worth embracing...the professionalism and support and guidance that makes one feel very singular and special in an arena and an age when many are left to feel not special and of the unnoticed many instead of the selected few...you both are very singular in your approaches yet very collective in your knowledge...talk about a winning combination to study with...wow!"
- Patricia Richards

"Your class was a great experience for Shanie. The Kalmenson Method has improved her acting skills more than any other class she has taken. She has developed a depth that wasn't there before. Thank you!"
- Keera Calahan

"Your personal attention and dedication is unending. Thank you so much for your encouragement and your incredibly detailed critique and analysis."
- Pam McCullough

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class! It was so well organized and I really learned a lot about the voice-over world. I was impressed with the structure and the meat of the course. Your staff and studio really are head and shoulders above the rest."
- Kelly Hawthorne

"How exhilarating to be in a class where I learned something, where I was challenged creatively, where I was respected for my talent, and where I was appreciated for being me. I found my voice at Kalmenson & Kalmenson."
- Judy Nazemetz

"The classes are super. They help you understand trends, sharpen your skills, and define your own voice-over signature. Nobody knows the business better."
- Gale Van Cott

"I feel like I just got out of therapy. I can't wait to apply all I've learned to voice over and to life. With obnoxious sincerity."
- Joanna