Our Casting Clients

"I'm so glad we were able to do this together; there's no way I could have negotiated this with my other workload; plus, I think it helped to have a layer in between us and the agents. Especially you, who knows them all and talks to them all the time!  So, thank you.  I do hope we can collaborate on other projects in the future."
​- Cara Orlowski
Business Affairs Manager
BBDO  San Francisco 

"Hi Cathy, thank you SO much for the last minute hustle, really appreciate it! Kalmenson every time! THANKS AGAIN!"
- Karen Crossley
Senior Business Affairs Manager
Portland, OR 97209

"Thank you so much for doing such an AMAZING job on this. You made my life a whole lot easier."
- Chastity A. Soltysiak
Director of Broadcast Production
Stern Advertising, Inc.

Our Students

"I feel like I have grown exponentially through this journey and after our first night together, it became the thing I looked forward to most in my week. I had so much fun and felt so accomplished by the end. I truly can’t thank you enough."
-Andrew Buck 

 "...I recently attended the Kalmenson & Kalmenson Foundations class and I could go on for paragraphs about how I so much enjoyed the course and skill building activities. I attribute not only the excellence of the school that delivered such a prime course but the skill, care, loving kindness and talent of [their staff] whose enthusiasm, professionalism and personalities created an atmosphere so conducive to not only learning the Voice Over acting craft but encouraged the entire class to succeed... Additionally, the course enhanced my appreciation for the acting community, motivated me to continue forward with the craft, especially the VO segment, and I am so proud to say that.... I am a Voice Over actor trained at Kalmenson & Kalmenson!"
- Corey F.

Voice Over Pros

"Thank you for your insight and great info and your time that you gave us and to me during the class."
-Ted Evans 

​"No one in this town, or anywhere, for that matter, gives more specific, clear and imaginative direction than Harvey Kalmenson. His instincts regarding both the material and the actor are always on the money. He understands how to maximize the creative aspect without sacrificing any of the fun. Harvey IS the man!"
- John Pankow,  Mad About You 

 "Working with Cathy and Harv is always a pleasure. I know I'm in good hands - professional, talented and artistic."
- Adrienne Barbeau

"It's always a pleasure to audition for Harvey."
 Andrea Thompson, NYPD Blue

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