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Looking Back

The other day, for whatever the reason, I found myself wondering about years past, as I looked in the mirror during my early morning “get ready” for work routine. It was a good thing. The way it used to be, way back in the fifth or sixth grade. I’m sure most of you over the…

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There Will Be Times To Reflect, “As Time Goes By”

In two large corrugated cartons stored in the corner of my office, there are many stories, which will forever remain, not found, and most likely never again to be read by anyone but me. Scripts that began with a dream, and ended in two nondescript boxes in the corner of an office. It took all…

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I’ve Been a Cheerleader My Entire Life

My God…I’ve been a cheerleader my entire life. That statement isn’t an attempt or a continuance of a hopeless endeavor at me gaining praise. I just do what I do because I do it. But there are times; as a matter of fact there have been a few times when I find myself asking “What…

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It Comes with the Territory

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”– Thomas Paine, 1776 “It comes with the territory.” We’ve all heard the phrase many times from people – some good, some bad. In any event, when a person delivers the line, “It comes with the territory,” they usually do so with the intent of showing acceptance of…

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Keeping it Together (as a professional, that is)

Firstly, here comes the disclaimer: Who am I to offer advice on how to keep it together? Yes, I do have a lot of work experience, the kind you might think would help me to be an expert on the subject of how not to become a sniveler, sappy, crybaby, girlie-man who cries when he…

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Truth Be Told

The magic of the truth. When the truth is there for you, certainly no explanation is necessary. The lack of explanation regarding the recognition of the truth has always been the same. Truth has always been the actor’s goal. While the word truth or its study thereof by a theatrical production company may differ dramatically,…

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The Things my Mother Never Did, or Served Us

Can you imagine growing up without the benefit of having tasted peanut butter? I was one of those guys who fell in love with the great American spread when I entered the United States Army at age nineteen. It was one morning at breakfast when I first discovered the delight of the sticky, life-perserving substance….

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Sum and Substance

“Sum And Substance”: An often-used phrase; it’s probably an impossibility to come through any of today’s school systems without hearing this popular mathematical term. In fact, simply stated, it’s nothing more than the aggregate of two or more numbers being determined by plain and simple addition: (like) The sum of 6 and 8 is 14….