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Global Gadfly

“Global Gadfly, That Would Be Me” Hello everybody, Today, as you may assume by my erstwhile title of the latest attempt at logic, this is coming at you regardless of the part of the world you happen to be in at this very minute. What you haven’t been told, or explained, I’m here to learn…

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Positive Thinking

There are times when I wonder why I write a blog. Many years ago when I first picked up a pen for profit I was told in no uncertain terms to prepare for criticism. At least then I was being paid, and somehow indecision regarding the validity of my work didn’t seem to get to…

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I’ve Been a Cheerleader My Entire Life

My God…I’ve been a cheerleader my entire life. That statement isn’t an attempt or a continuance of a hopeless endeavor at me gaining praise. I just do what I do because I do it. But there are times; as a matter of fact there have been a few times when I find myself asking “What…

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

Remembering back a few years ago, when I started on my journey into never-never land, kind of makes me cringe today. Without the foggiest notion of what acting was truly about and armed in my own personal cape of blissful ignorance, it was high gear all the way, until the money ran out. What I…

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Blog Anniversary

Hey, happy anniversary, da harv. This blog is number forty-five. In just one short year I’ve had the audacity of taking up the amount of time is required for you to read sixty-six thousand and five of my written words. One could say what makes this fact tolerable is that my writing is similar to…

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Valuable Lies or Assertions

Confucius says:(or maybe he didn’t) “Women who really don’t like to do it should marry a very old man.” (Those women); They’d be best served however if their search for a marriage partner stayed clear of any resemblance to my family lineage fowarded on by my mother’s side. Long before the advent of Viagra, or…

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Sum and Substance

“Sum And Substance”: An often-used phrase; it’s probably an impossibility to come through any of today’s school systems without hearing this popular mathematical term. In fact, simply stated, it’s nothing more than the aggregate of two or more numbers being determined by plain and simple addition: (like) The sum of 6 and 8 is 14….

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Travel Fare

I’m in my eighteenth year of going up and back every workday from my home in Encino to Burbank. A conservative estimate makes it thirty five hundred round trips, to date. While I love my work… there have been a few times when I really didn’t feel like going to Burbank, for one reason or…

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Creative Formation

“It’s all in the feeling process.” Hk The statement contained in the box above was placed in a box by me in order to describe the person who made the statement. Said person is of course a complete dummy. Voice over is as competitive an acting craft as any other. Each and every successful actor…