Global Gadfly

“Global Gadfly, That Would Be Me”

Hello everybody,

Today, as you may assume by my erstwhile title of the latest attempt at logic, this is coming at you regardless of the part of the world you happen to be in at this very minute. What you haven’t been told, or explained, I’m here to learn with you all as well. I discovered many, many years ago, a good and accomplished listening learner will ultimately have a chance to become a member of the hierarchy of human attainment.

If you ain’t learning, you are effortlessly chipping away at your own personal skills. Build, don’t chip. Read, don’t skip a day. Ask a question. Listen and pay attention to the answer.

And each day, at least attempt to exchange conversation with another human being in person! Human caring and conversation will prove themselves as the ultimate keys to the kingdom. Warmly shaking hands and exchanging a greeting will almost always supplant all else, especially with children. The human voice creates miracles, if you learn from what its sender has to say!

Harvey Kalmenson

P.S. Shake hands like you mean it. It will surpass any language barriers.

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