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Hey, happy anniversary, da harv. This blog is number forty-five. In just one short year I’ve had the audacity of taking up the amount of time is required for you to read sixty-six thousand and five of my written words. One could say what makes this fact tolerable is that my writing is similar to the ingestion of small quantities of poison. In small doses, a person may build up immunity. Since my average blog boils down to approximately fifteen hundred words per dose, I guess the fear of expiring while reading what I have to say most likely won’t occur, or be detrimental to your health. However, if you should experience a light-headedness, which lasts for more than four hours, stop reading immediately. But not to worry, it will not have any effect on me continuing to write. You see, since none of you are paying me to write this stuff, and so few of you are willing to admit your reading my work (anyway) I really don’t worry about agree, or disagreement with what I have to say.

And speaking of agreements; I made one with myself many years ago, when I laid down the sword and picked up a pen.

And so, if you’re interested in methodology, carry on.

Every Day (24/7)

Each and every day I view something cut from a new cloth. A new commercial predicated on a futuristic theme of what it will be like five hundred years from now, or maybe tomorrow.
I find myself challenging the presumptions being asserted to by people who are just like myself, no more, but many a great deal less. Now doesn’t that sound contemptuous of me? Sound like? I mean there’s no question about it. While in general, I do get along with people pretty well, the number of those I can’t stand to be with or listening to is growing at a faster rate than I can keep pace with.

(I can’t call it an alarming rate because I have long since discouraged my conscious or subconscious from allowing the norm to be either shocking or alarming. I do however admit to more than occasional surprise over mans indignity towards fellow man.)

It’s getting more and more difficult for me to remain a totally honest man. I will admit to not being politically correct or incorrect for that matter.

(In my humble opinion) Voice over remains the most unbigoted theatrical profession in existence today. Short, tall, fat, skinny, ethnicity, or degree there of, it doesn’t matter. As casting directors, we follow a pattern set forth by the people who hire us. They set out the guidelines of what they are in search of and we attempt to bring in the most skillful actors or actresses we can find. I might add, void of all humility, at Kalmenson & Kalmenson we’re exceptional at what we claim we can accomplish.

It should be noted, the brightest pennies may be found amongst the Los Angeles acting community.

But actors oftentimes find themselves in an unwanted bind. There are topics not to be discussed in open forum. Discussing political preferences is one of the big no-no’s in Hollywood.

But we also find within our community a deep fear. Many actors find themselves watching what they say around certain people. What some refer to as “political correctness” is an impossibility for me to live with. I am not a restricted man. By that, I mean I follow my heart. I am a professional director. That’s what I do for a living. I am paid to tell and give people my professional opinion. Regardless of their preferences or what God endowed them with. I get a script, we call in the actors, and they read for me. As an example, tomorrow we will be bringing in Portuguese men to read for a deodorant commercial, which will run in Brazil. If the Hollywood Reporter says Harvey Kalmenson was telling a group of Portuguese guys what to do in a rather strident fashion, well then so be it. Who cares if I was politically correct? I don’t! I resent that portion of Hollywood folks who think because they have supposedly arrived at some form of pinnacle in their careers, they’re allowed to restrict the livelihood of others! These folks should reexamine their stance; their pinnacle may be a precipice. Backing who you feel will be the best political candidate seeking office will have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you are called in to audition at Kalmenson & Kalmenson.

Almost without exception, every actor finds himself or herself in search of the magic, which will propel their destiny to the stars.

To Make It:
◊ You must be able to read well.
◊ You must be an accomplished actor or actress.
◊ You must be flexible enough to cope with the whims of the industry.

Leave your political bent at the doorstep!

An observant reader may have noticed I made no reference to gender, age, race, or creed. I will admit I am guilty of having spent a little more time with some of the drop dead beautiful women who have come in to audition for me. But they too arrive in all races and creeds and, by the way, good looks will not hamper ones career at Kalmenson & Kalmenson; not whilst I still breathe unassisted.

“If you’d like to thank a veteran, vote!” – hk

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