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From The Heart (mine)

What follows has nothing to do with voice over.Perhaps what follows has everything to do with voice over.A past memory, what once was, for my family and me, stimulated a familiar and painful need to share my mind. Who better than actors, creative men and women, with the heart capable of understanding a fellow human…

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Keeping it Together (as a professional, that is)

Firstly, here comes the disclaimer: Who am I to offer advice on how to keep it together? Yes, I do have a lot of work experience, the kind you might think would help me to be an expert on the subject of how not to become a sniveler, sappy, crybaby, girlie-man who cries when he…

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The Things my Mother Never Did, or Served Us

Can you imagine growing up without the benefit of having tasted peanut butter? I was one of those guys who fell in love with the great American spread when I entered the United States Army at age nineteen. It was one morning at breakfast when I first discovered the delight of the sticky, life-perserving substance….