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Truth Be Told

The magic of the truth. When the truth is there for you, certainly no explanation is necessary. The lack of explanation regarding the recognition of the truth has always been the same. Truth has always been the actor’s goal. While the word truth or its study thereof by a theatrical production company may differ dramatically,…

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Why Improvise; You have a Script

“You should tell them about the time, right in the middle of the third scene, when a cue was misinterpreted and the clock began to strike a full scene ahead of schedule.” Okay then, get off my back. I’m going to tell them now! (The actor who happened to be on stage is far too…

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The Things my Mother Never Did, or Served Us

Can you imagine growing up without the benefit of having tasted peanut butter? I was one of those guys who fell in love with the great American spread when I entered the United States Army at age nineteen. It was one morning at breakfast when I first discovered the delight of the sticky, life-perserving substance….

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Valuable Lies or Assertions

Confucius says:(or maybe he didn’t) “Women who really don’t like to do it should marry a very old man.” (Those women); They’d be best served however if their search for a marriage partner stayed clear of any resemblance to my family lineage fowarded on by my mother’s side. Long before the advent of Viagra, or…

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Sum and Substance

“Sum And Substance”: An often-used phrase; it’s probably an impossibility to come through any of today’s school systems without hearing this popular mathematical term. In fact, simply stated, it’s nothing more than the aggregate of two or more numbers being determined by plain and simple addition: (like) The sum of 6 and 8 is 14….

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The Experienced Actor

Most experienced actors; the successful ones, that is, enjoy being given performance notes by a director. Make no mistake… giving an actor performance notes is a distinct craft within itself. Some consider it to be the art of psychology at its highest state. Some actors have been known to be a little touchy, considering any…

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“To adlib or not to adlib; ah that is the question!”

“To adlib or not to adlib; ah that is the question!” Whether it is nobler or not nobler in the minds of most men, is definitely not the question; it’s the challenge that counts! (Besides… we’re talking about actors and actresses.) The search for the answer to the actor’s commercial voice over performance decision making…