9:00 A.M.

    In this play, I was the star without lines and they were the players with all the lines and movement. They displayed the action while I was nothing more than a prop. They had placed tubes in each of my wrists, and a mask completely covering my nose and mouth in an airtight fashion. “Breathe deeply”, she instructed, and before I could adhere to her gentle order, I became nothing more than an inactive stand-in. She then moved to center stage and uttered, “Do with him as you will. Summon the robot”! And so they did. My most private parts became theirs to play with.
    What I have learned about dreams is far outweighed by what I lack knowledge of. Many people are ready and willing to analyze a compadre’s distillation of what they think they dreamt the night before. Others join in, a consensus of thought-provoking theories having to do with a wide variety of explanations of what a dream’s content meant in relation to the reality to real-life circumstances. Some people are able to recall, with mind-boggling accuracy, a description of what took place during their dream. I’m usually (almost always) only able to recapture a few fleeting moments. And if any part of a people-type consensus having to do with when our dream is actually taking place happens to be accurate, then we can all assume we have our dream experience only a few minutes before awakening. We are also told this may or may not have occurred more than once during a sleep period.
    They said I began to smile as I was awakened from the denseness of where they had sent me. And as I did, the realization of being totally removed from being present was what these people had accomplished, unceremoniously. Almost always, my dreams are a reliving of my life’s abstractions taking place in and out of context with unattached folks moving in and out of my life, without ever having been introduced to one another. In this case, they told me I began to smile as they began to awaken me from my deep sleep brought on by the general anesthetic, having been administered earlier by the same lady who instructed me to “breathe deeply”.

My Thoughts Upon Returning
Abstract as usual
Smiling at will
With places, friends, things
All the same from the past
All kids again like me

Though slowed to a stop
They beckoned me
Gleaming horses and things from the sea
A gold ring
To be caught by a little finger
Not real gold, this misleading reward

Music an enchanting blend
Offsetting time to another time
Moving around and around
Our circle of endless joy
I ache for one more time
I ache for one more ride
Being in this circle
Never in fear
Never having to hide

So well kept, my steed
Brushed, and polished
Always ready to ride

We tired then
Our circle slowed, coming to an end
Music still gently played
Napping, we were resting before another ride
It was not to come on this day

I was home again
Fully awakened to reality
There was no circle to ride
No ring to win
The dream was gone
A new circle was to be found
If there was any chance to win
Let a new game begin

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