Out of Necessity

“Out of necessity: History, explained to a child”
To his adoring brood, Abe speaks of biblical facts:
Our elected officials
In service of
We who are free
Power driven classic wastrels they
They sit while pondering
Lacking knowledge to share
Void of imagination
Boredom reeks
Another day’s performance
Bearing an infamous stink
Pernicious ways
Shared without care
These were selected brethren
Making promises they would not keep
What must we do Father
Abe’s eldest asks
Why not read that lyric to them, suggested good wife Mary Todd
The one your friend, da harv, wrote to you
When he too
Felt the die was cast
Good idea was Abe’s reply
Vote them out, that’s what America’s all about”
They said some bad stuff
Things I didn’t care to hear stuff
Like my country’s not good
Or my flag…take it down
You know, like always the kind of
“make a patriot mad” stuff
Without love, they expound
It’s in my heart to sing now
What the good book explains
I have to sing now
What this patriot has to say 
…and Mary mused, “da harv must set it to music one day.” “He will, I am sure”, thought Mr. Lincoln. And, of course, da harv did.
One day it will be sung as a reminder to all who are elected by us; you’re here to serve us, certainly not yourselves. It is our will, that will to be served.
Show us what you got
Do what you say
Tomorrow comes quickly
We can vote you out
God willing
That’s what America is all about.
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