Our Voice Over World

Our Voice Over World
        And with magic on my mind: I recall a day from a distant time in my life very many years in my past when from out of nowhere things began to enter my mind with regularity unsought—not asked for—or with expectancy. They were mine alone, for I possessed at the time little of intrinsic nature other than nature itself. Yet, without loneliness, I began to prosper as a man. 
        A man I knew little about stepped forward, and free from my solicitation, offered me his personal observance. “You know, Harvey, they all respect you so much for what you give them.” “Thank you”, was all I could muster at the moment. That man was Mike Road and Harvey Kalmenson was taken aback. (I became his agent and friend, and ultimately we collaborated in the theater.) And with a wink, and with his jocular “Shakespearean” delivery, shook my hand and pronounced, “perhaps we can chat on the morrow?” And so we did… and my life was to immediately change.
The Voice Actor
Not nurturing any humans bigoted ways
Not helping, or encouraging to cipher
Who I am, or what regions were the origin
For my start
For when you are in a listening mode
I’ve found your ear
Perhaps betraying fear
I am a voice, bearing no skin color with my sound
My frame is both short and tall
My gender reflects all
Age becomes ageless
Messages abound
I grow stronger as in all populace 
I’ve become 
Free from those who may choose by my nature or color 
I am race-less in all I profess or say
I am 
A voice actor
Among many
The world would be a better place if they did it my way
Truth being told
May I be so bold
Jan 2000
da harv 
I thought you’d like to know where we were, where we are, and God willing, where we plan on going.
Stay tuned in… next week, Cathy is going to chime in, explaining how we met, how she explained how we got married, and how we formed our baby:
Kalmenson & Kalmenson

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