My Life. Not Titled As Yet!


Hi everybody! Da Harv here and this is titled: My life. Not titled as yet! And the definition of that is a person having a title indicating high social or official rank and that sure wasn’t me.

There are many things I get

There are many things I don’t get

  Maybe we will and maybe we won’t

Up and down and all around town

With change, there comes more change

Not always, my brothers and sisters

Well, maybe sometimes

And the music you’re hearing is Frank Sinatra, is up and under.

How are you all today? You happy? Anyways, I mean all of you. All categories. Dads, mothers, sisters, brothers. Whether you’re on the top of the heap, the middle of the pile, or a person who hasn’t an inkling of where the hell they happen to be.

It makes no never mind to me. You see, the beauty of my situation is a very simple fact of life. Oh no. I’m not a currently elected official. Not that I haven’t given it some thought. I’m qualified. I once had a relative who lived in Delaware. But I digress. Here’s a couple of salient points about my view on things. First and foremost, it’s a fact of life…I’m not being paid to share what I’ve learned about life. I write and some of you actually read what I share with you.

I’ve learned to always base my information on what information I’m able to glean from a reliable source. Here’s an example: the other day, it was two Saturdays ago, I was sitting at a lunch table waiting for Cathy to complete our weekly shopping trek at Costco. And this old guy saunters up and asks if I’d mind if he shared a spot at my table. Well like me he was wearing a veterans ball cap, and in my circle that qualifies him as a knowledgeable and experienced information supplier. He took notice that I was very busy reading my stack of emails. “Anything interesting today?” he asked. “Nothing earth shattering” I responded. Inside I was fighting back from a giggling laugh building. I knew the dam was open now. This guy figured I was a live one he had captured. He began to talk at me with his first supposedly curiosity question about my life.

“Ever think about what would be your next direction to take?”

And before I had a chance to answer him, he took over the conversation again I became the actor without any lines to read. Without missing a beat he was on stage again.

I mean direction to take with your life.

If you need a direction to take

Why not get up on a wave and take it?

There’s no future in riding in on a wake.

What if you’re like me and need a new direction to take?

What then?

What then if the water is above your head?

It’s better if you stop talking

Try wading for awhile

Maybe you’ve become too old to surf

Deep water ain’t for everyone

Especially if you’re a shallow fellow

And with that he kinda saluted me, got up, and walked away. You meet a lot of interesting people at Costco. And so I bid you from my heart to yours happy shopping in your life.

-Da Harv

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