In My Travels

“In My Travels”

I write many of these things because, for such a very long time now, I find myself unhappy with the many of my brethren who honestly don’t give a damn about history being a continual restoration of vigorously being repeated over and over again…

“Oh, yeah…who put you in charge?” complained a kid to his young pal (that would be me, da pal, not yet da harv). I was just merely a big-time ring leader on a street in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. It was 1941. World War II was about to break loose and, supposedly, change the world forevermore. That’s what was said way back in 1918 when the WWI armistice was declared, a mere twenty-three years before we, the U.S., entered WWII.

Anything good
Almost anything deemed to be bad
Stem from and are duplications of the past!
Ours up for review
Initially not taken for granted
Not to be forgotten
Lest we ignore God’s willingness
Improving our lives together
We human beings
Managing the true depictions of our past
Though not gaining from the horror of its wars!
It’s time

Seemingly within a flash, who would ever have guessed I would still be a ring leader at age nineteen, high up on a hillside, in a place known as North Korea? We were approaching July 27th, 1953, at 9:00 PM, when this stinking conflict was about to come to its merciful end. It happened to fall on a Monday, a good day to start the week. But truthfully, I couldn’t have cared less about what day of the week it was. I cared about coming home alive.


(It wasn’t a good ride. The weather sucked!)

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