History Shows Us

“History Shows Us”

Part of what the USA is about!

First & Second Stringers
Minor League Players, too,
The Majors, as well
As those too old to play
Even little leaguers learned
To make our hearts swell
From the very beginning
An all-American story
Ours to tell
Men, women, children
Ours from the very beginning
A touching America
Codified back in 1846
Kids remaining kids
Boys and girls
Becoming men and women
North, South, East, West
Playing our game
Uniforms of blue and gray gone forever

Both sides wanted to know
What if we lost today’s game, we pray
Then the words were heard
From up above
“It’s a very long season
Not a once-each-week gesture
Or even year
Nor decade!

The world should have taken notice
Of who we Americans had become
On the morrow, we will have risen once more
Old leaders were replaced
Young, brand new players leading to higher ground
Across the United States of America
Many teams played the same game

– HK –

On the morrow, we will once again: live, love, laugh, clasp hands, say, and prove to all of the intellect, worldwide – it’s all our responsibility. Glory will become what we will once again prove to all the children; conversations will always beat the hell out of making war. Love! Made and preserved right here in the United States of America. May all of our good hearts live forever.

Harvey Kalmenson

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