Gotta Be This Or That

With great aplomb,
And all the satire I can muster at this late date in life,
Just as if he, or she,
Whatever this slanted society decides upon
Which comfort station
Thinking they know is correct
For a person of their supposed gender
May or may not
Offering God-given dexterity to make the proper use of!

        …Somewhere, somehow, it was uttered in the believed year of 652 BC. And yes, yes, yes, they did have some form of a given structure in the year 652 BC. (They had a king, and while it may not have anything to do with a politico movement, they had an established theatre…)
        “The theatre of Ancient Greece flourished between 550 BC and 220 BC. A festival honoring the god Dionysus was held in Athens, out of which three dramatic genres emerged: tragedy, comedy, and the satyr play. Western theatre has its roots in the theatre of Ancient Greece and the plays that originated there.”

“Keep Pushing, You Bastards, Keep Pushing”

Note: Some bastards would rather pull than push. And so it was claimed to be the start of the two-party system of government.

        And somewhere, while habituating within the depths of their ignorance, some elected to pull – although it was a strange notion for the times at hand. These, the self-indulgent folks, were from then and ever on identifying themselves as politicians.
        To the general public, this group was also known as “shleppers”, the Yiddish word for always just coming along for the ride! They represented forty percent of the population.
        Then arose the other forty percent, who upon considering the desperate plight of the “shleppers” were living quite well on many of our largest big cities’ streets.

        When nature bids you the relief of a healthy bodily function, the bidding does not require a politician’s approval or consent – regardless of which side you happen to vote for – or even if you happen to be the kind of individual who always must find a way to vote against the person, man or woman, regardless of skin color, whom you happen to hate the most.
        If you happen to be a forty percent member of our United States voting population, you won’t agree with most of what I have to say anyway. So with complete deference to your feelings (not to worry, I promise not to be concerned with your feelings), it’s my way of presenting a lukewarm gesture commonly presented by a more than the vast array of today’s politicly elected breed.

        And now time for hip, hip, hurrah – here comes the remaining twenty percent of the public at large; half of whom, ten percent, will cast their ballots at election time in order to select the politicians they feel to be the most honest, or at least those who have existed as public servants up and until they are ridden with old age. These adoringly wonderful individuals have labeled themselves to be forever known as: “Independents”. I have met many during the course of my life who have claimed to be “Independent”. None of them ever became president of the United States during my lifetime.

        There was a song entitled “Gotta Be This Or That”, written way back in 1945. I guess it was a time period, like many others in this great country of ours where people were having some degree of problems with “self-direction”. My God, that was seventy-seven years ago.
        Almost everything we, Americans, were dreaming of was hopefully being prayed for. For many of us, during this year of indecision and misleading decisions simultaneously being heaped upon us, the song lyrics of band leader Benny Goodman’s “Gotta Be This Or That” tolled true by way of his big band jazz musical rendition.

The song Gotta Be This or That was written by Sunny Skylar.
Lyrics by Benny Goodman and His Orchestra in 1945.

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