Down, Not Out

Down, Not Out
Down, not out
Its not who we are
Not destined to be
There again
Setting out
Tasked with
Learning how to win
Discovering difficulty
Almost everyday
Along each road taken
When the lights come on again
All over our world
Rewards mostly forgotten
Somehow not forsaken
We prepare for tomorrow
With yesterday’s gifts in hand
Believing the lights will come on again
All over our world
And God-willing
For all the people we will
Continue to touch
Though life remains
An abstraction of the love
We vow to forever seek
For an educated man
Must always share
Regardless of times so bleak!
– HK –
        The day was Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Kalmenson & Kalmenson had twenty classes, per week, being conducted by our seventeen teachers at three locations here in southern California. It was on this day we began contacting each of our current students—as well as all students who had paid in advance for an up and coming course of study—personally by telephone, in order to announce the temporary suspension of our current and future classes until further notice. We explained to each and everyone of them: “It would probably be about three months before we would most likely become able to return to business as normal, once again.”
        It has been seventeen months subsequent to our fateful announcement. Since I had never been trained to abandon ship, the thought of learning a new craft wasn’t on the agenda!
Now, here’s the good news:
In short order, we’ll be sending out an announcement of how the Kalmenson & Kalmenson band of successful sailors are about to launch our newest vessel of education!
In mid-August, we’ll be bringing back our method, by popular demand —dah-ra-ra-rah-rarah!
To all to practice: we’re going global by way of Zoom. ALL OUR GOOD STUFF WILL ONCE AGAIN BE COMING YOUR WAY. Stay tuned.
        Finally, at long last, what were our grandiose plans for the future are taking shape. We’re getting set to “zoom” back into the lives of all the wondrously patient folks who have stayed in touch with us for all these painful months. The lights are coming on all over the world.
Note: “When The Lights Go On Again All Over the World”, was a 1942 song referring to WWII coming to an end; with things returning to normal, like boys returning home, and, once again, things like wedding rings. I thought it is an appropriate comparison to the Covid-19 crises we have been riding with for close to a year and one half.

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