Discovery: A plant can be a grant, if its growth is nurtured

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 Hi everybody. Da harv here and this is called “Discovery: A plant can be a grant, if its growth is nurtured.

Are you a self-nurturer?

Do you have the desire or will, to continue on the same road?

The road you were given as a lifetime contestant?

What would you plant?


So the question is: How would you like to swing on a star? Or would you rather be a mule?


So, in the event you’ve decided it isn’t your intent to swing on a star or carry moonbeams home in a jar. Listen to what an old friend has to say to you. A tremendous number of young people were able to sing the song along with him. I was a very young one of them way back then.

Songwriter, Jimmy Van Heusen, was at Bing Crosby’s house to discuss a song for the film project “Going My Way”. One of the children began complaining about how he did not want to go to school the next day. The singer (that would be Bing) turned to his son Gary and said to him: “If you don’t go to school, you might grow up to be a mule.”

Van Heusen thought this clever rebuke would make a good song for the film. He pictured Crosby, who played a priest, talking to a group of children acting much the same way as his own child had acted that night. Van Heusen took the idea to his partner lyricist Johnny Burke, who approved. They wrote the song. It was published and became a runaway hit way back in February of 1944.

Here’s a couple of notes of fun: Little da harv back then was a ripe old kid of eleven. My Dad was the man who took me to see “Going My Way”. Many years later, the kid Bing Crosby had been talking about that evening was his son Gary Crosby, who someday was destined to visit and be directed by yours truly during a voiceover commercial audition. Well, Gary and I were both in our seventies. And while I at one moment in my life actually worked around the corner set of a movie Bing was working at, I never had the opportunity of meeting him in person.

And by the way, my Dad was a great fan of Crosby as well as the second lead in the movie “Going My Way”. Barry Fitzgerald, played the role of the old priest Bing was coming to the parish to replace.

Not even my mother was ever privy to hearing my dad and I singing together with Irish accents of two other songs from the movie: “Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral” (that’s an Irish Lullaby) and “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. Dad and I actually placed our heads together while singing. I’d give anything to be able to recapture a moment or two of the two of us together, entertaining ourselves during those special moments in time.

And now, 6 months into my 90th year. Such things furnished perhaps too arduously for human comprehension. Somehow managed to bloom in the form of what may have been taught by swinging on a star.

In each life, hopefully yours.

In all todays and tomorrows.

For evermore with a helper.

Planting to become life’s blossoms for tomorrow.

Each day new restoration granted.

As yours to adore.

Ok now, see you all tomorrow.


Another day in May, 2024

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