Breaking The Mold

Hi everybody. Da Harv here again on a Sunday. Have you ever felt like you just had to break the daily

living mold? Cause man… maybe your longing for a change of pace?

What he has placed


Without knowing

This person ever seeking

Bygone fleeting moments

This distant sunrise or sunset

Ever closer

Yet drifting into past reflections

Pondering personal treasury

Possibly lack of same

At first viewed

Now passing beauty

New days of dreams

Then sunset

Awaiting tomorrow’s possibilities

Everlasting treasury diminished

At Sunrise

At Sunset

There comes a time in this often screwed up business (aka show).  If you still remain naïve enough to insist onreferring to what we do as being a business. Forget about it. It’s not a business my friend, you have a heart condition. Young or old, short or tall, man, women, or what is it. Whatever! It doesn’t matter. Listen now to what another old friend of mine who was hired to put some of his feelings on display:

“Dear God, I know you made many, many poor people…. I realize there’s no shame in being poor, but there’s no honor in it either. Is there? What would be so terrible if I had a small fortune?”

“Excuse me. Are you da harv?”, this young woman questioned, then asking again with a smile: “C’mon you’re da harv!”. “Are you saying to this fine old gentleman, that he’s da harv?” And she replies very knowledgeably: “Oh you’re da harv.” And the next thing you know she’s got her mother and boyfriend being introduced by her to me. She is now  absolutely certain. As she refers to me as Mr. Kalmenson. It turns out yes I am too prominent to go unnoticed either as da harv or Mr. Kalmenson. I acknowledged to mom, the girl and boyfriend: How I was indeed who the girl told them I was. She became a happy camper as they walked away. I heard her say: “See I told you he was somebody.”

Well it strikes me as pretty funny how a lot of things work out. I’ll give you an example of another strange recognition of sorts. An actor friend of mine entered the waiting room of my recording studio, and to his surprise and astonishment. Six of arguably the most recognizable actors in the world were holding court. They had completed their auditions with me and were enjoying each other’s company. His comment to me, after the fact, was how he was amazed what a comfortable group they turned out to be and how much I must enjoy my work. “That’s quite a treasury, you had there da harv.”

If you recognize the song “Sunrise, Sunset” and think about it the way I do. Possibly, you’ll understand the significance of my treasury.

Perhaps I am a rich man.

Go figure. Who knew?!

-da harv

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