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We’ve directed hundreds of celebrities, including Julie Andrews, Rob Lowe, Will Ferrell, and thousands of voice actors.

Learn the "Kalmenson Method" for Voice Acting in our LIVE Online Classes


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Available Online Classes

Interested in voice over classes with the most experienced, respected educators & casting directors in Los Angeles, with a full curriculum of course options? All levels of study. Learn the exclusive, Kalmenson Method for Voice Acting.


For non-actors or people very new to voice over.

Beyond a general overview of opportunities and the "business" of voice over, this class provides a strong foundation in how to give a genuine, truthful performance via the Kalmenson Method, applied to a rigorous workout, with recorded critiques and performance.

Voice Over for Actors

For working actors only (with established on-camera or theatrical careers).

This class provides the actor with a concise review of efficient copy analysis principles applied to a rigorous workout using The Kalmenson Method.

Students gain a definition of their voice over "signature", which is the blueprint for their future demo.

Working Pros

Master Self Direction via:  The Kalmenson Method for Voice Acting, applied to rigorous workouts (monologue/dialogue), expansion of VO signature, exposure to and analysis of all current trends, and growth beyond the actor's current comfort zone. 

Taught by Casting Director, Cathy Kalmenson.


Prerequisite:  Successful completion of our Level 1 class (Foundations, Voice Over for Actors, or Working Pro)

Learn developing characters for animation/games through monologue, dialogue, improvisation, group performance and rigorous workout via The Kalmenson Method.

Casting Services

Need a voice for commercials, video games, animation, industrials, audio books, and more? Are you seeking voice over solutions from an experienced, well-respected voice over casting company, not a talent agency?

We can help.

We offer creative, strategically selected, directed, budget friendly voice over casting and auditions.  Union or non-union. Celebs or scale talent, all languages & accents; real people,  improv, stand-ups, ages, types & personalities.


Call to secure your spot in an upcoming Zoom class. 
10 students max in each class. 

Happy creatives, happy clients!... all with ease… from our team.

First National Spot of the Year!

"Hello Cathy! I wanted to tell you that I recorded today my first national spot of the year. I recorded for Samsung in Spanish and I used your method. I will keep usig it in everything I do! I'm grateful to you. With love and respect."


knowledge and expertise

"...you gave us such amazing people to consider…..and your guidance getting us through the US way of the costing, etc. I enjoyed listening to that round of auditions that you sent over, it’s a real pleasure to hear all the different magic that people bring to the table, and REALLY appreciated the left of field people that were thrown in too - I love that - never know what might pique people’s interest. Casting is my most favorite part of my job here in Australia, it’s so nice to get to relish the process and bathe in the reflected glory of your team’s knowledge and expertise. “

- Ceri Davies, Executive Producer
Squeak E. Clean Studios, Melbourne, Australia

Harvey IS the man!

​"No one in this town, or anywhere, for that matter, gives more specific, clear and imaginative direction than Harvey Kalmenson. His instincts regarding both the material and the actor are always on the money. He understands how to maximize the creative aspect without sacrificing any of the fun. Harvey IS the man!"

- John Pankow,  Mad About You 

I cannot begin to tell you...

"I cannot begin to tell you how much I learned from our 6 weeks together, both in voice over, acting, and life. I really appreciate the time and care you took in teaching the Method, as well as help nurture the craft."

- David Sheftell