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Then And Now, In The Little Theatre

During the winters of my junior and high school years, when I spent fewer hours competing in school sports, I often devoted industrious days and weeks working in many of the tiny legit theatres, which dotted a narrow stretch of Santa Monica Blvd. Today, “Equity Waiver” productions are usually presented in these houses with less…

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Pet Peeves

Many of the subjects I write about are generated from the literally thousands of questions I’ve had to deal with in our world of the commercial voice over. While commercial voice over is definitely an acting craft, there is a certain amount of difference between how the actors relate during the commercial VO audition and…

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Self-Direction – Part 2

Self-direct as opposed to self-destruct. As always, the basic rules are so simple sounding. The problem for many actors is the lack of detail and observance of the basic rules. 1. Before studying your audition script, read and understand the directions. If the producer took the trouble to put their directions in writing, it behooves…

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Self Direction – Part 1

Home recording studios no longer represent the rich man’s toy. Nor are they just products of the Los Angeles marketplace. The home recording studio has arrived, and continues to grow. Shrinking hardware and software prices have made the home studio economically within reach of the journeyman voice over talent. Today, more and more voice over…

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Being Gracious

Not to worry, I have no intention of explaining graciousness. If you don’t know now, you probably won’t ever get it. Like always, some of you are already saying, “What in the name of hell has graciousness got to do with voiceover?” Well, when it comes to reading for this director, graciousness is what I…

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Voiceover and life are not on a collision course; as lived by me, they are one and the same. This Internet Journal is all about sharing what I’ve been experiencing and teaching for the past thirty plus years, as a completely submerged person in the professional world of voiceover. Frankly, it’s a lot of stuff….