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Kaplan, Solovey, O’Shea, and of course the Pulchritudinous Mrs. Glassberg

Not a sports team; they influenced my life, although I can’t attest to whether or not they did so on purpose. They could be anybody, but today they belong to me. They were my teachers at Public School 233, from the second through the fifth grade. In retrospect, I don’t think they cared for me….

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Amazing Contacts

Of all the amazing changes I’ve seen and experienced first hand in my lifetime, nothing compares with the internet, and with the far-reaching effect of writing a blog. I can remember a few moons ago, hearing from an actor friend of mine, who was calling me from the other side of this planet to tell…

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Travel Fare

I’m in my eighteenth year of going up and back every workday from my home in Encino to Burbank. A conservative estimate makes it thirty five hundred round trips, to date. While I love my work… there have been a few times when I really didn’t feel like going to Burbank, for one reason or…

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“Poetry, God & Shakespeare” (PG&S)

Broad statements are so much fun to make. It’s probably impossible to make a broad statement without causing some form of human reaction. As a matter of fact, causing reaction is what I do for a living; I either cause a reaction or stimulate an attitude in order to convey the meaning of what the…

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Guidance: Sound Design and Demo Production

“For professionals only. Should not be attempted at home (alone)!” When producing your voice over DEMO, precautions must be taken. Hopefully you’re working with folks who have been doing sound editing and direction for enough years to become proficient at their craft. Ask about their credentials. Who have they worked for? This isn’t a time…

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Bad Dialogue Partner

You enter the audition booth only to find that your dialogue partner is a dud; a guy or gal who can’t read, can’t act, had garlic for dinner the night before, and is in favor of paying more income tax. At first you might want to say, “Oy vey, why me God?” Then you realize…

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Creative Formation

“It’s all in the feeling process.” Hk The statement contained in the box above was placed in a box by me in order to describe the person who made the statement. Said person is of course a complete dummy. Voice over is as competitive an acting craft as any other. Each and every successful actor…

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Biblical Terms for the Professional Actor

I’m so guilty of living in the past that there are times when even I can’t stand it. My love of the old movies, as I watched them as a kid, remains and will always live on in my mind’s eye and in my heart’s throbbing. I grew up believing almost everything I saw on…

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The Voice Over Audition: History + Pursuing Excellence

Many of our younger thespians are unaware of what transpired prior to their entering the commercial voice over world. Others are in search of the most beneficial way of continuing their pursuits of excellence as a talent. When I’m asked what it was like a few years ago, almost all are surprised at my history…