Our Field of Dreams

Our Field of Dreams

        The USA has always been my “field of dreams”. Yes, they made a great movie with that title, but for me, it’s a very personal thing. I’m not embarrassed to share that fact of my life with any and all who care to hear, see, and perhaps read details of our country’s glorious past.

        It was many years ago when this very active kid (me) thought it was a great deal of fun to be out there with his dad shoveling snow. The year was 1943, and the main New York airport of the time was LaGuardia Airport.

        For this guy (me), my recall of pleasant nostalgia serves far more beneficially than the recall of peoples’ complaints about the ineptitudes of deceitful politicians. I have zero memory of my mom or dad discussing politics. My mother was a flag-waving patriotic zealot, while we never heard my father let on which party he favored.

        At age twenty-one, when I returned from military service, I became aware my dad was a lifelong Republican. The kid (me) had not yet decided regarding the road I would be taking during the course of my lifetime. The “no complaints department” was the driving non-political force in our family.

        At that time, it had been twenty-two years since my dad and I had shoveled snow together for our neighbors, who couldn’t handle the chore themselves. Now we talked, man to man, and I still remember what dad had said with a smile of accomplishment on his face: “Did you get anything out of the army experience, Harv?” he asked.

        “The unbelievable accomplishment of knowing I was part of this great team of young guys who were busting their asses together, helping people to regain their dignity”, I replied. And not since the day my dad had taken me to the train station on my way to basic training, had I seen my father become emotional. We agreed there was much more accomplishment in shoveling snow than complaining about it, regardless of what political party you voted for.

        I write this as a thank you to all the men and women who serve the people who have placed their confidence in those committed to the accomplishment of providing for the building and survival of each other’s dignity.

        And thank you, all, for the marvelous reviews you’ve been sending me about my song, “Vote Them Out. It’s what America’s All About”! In the event you haven’t heard it as of yet, just give what follows a click, give a listen, and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think.

Harvey Kalmenson

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