Too early to recall, but remembered as some time between late night and dawn in a geographic location, the furthest easternmost area of these United States of ours…

A very young boy was experiencing an unsolicited version of what life could dish out. While remembering exacts (which most of us are frequently unable to retain during one’s lifetime), what follows is drawn from former happenings, recaptured from a restoration of a likely truth. By no means is our story about a little boy lost.

Boy to Man; From a Kid Next Door

At first, no more than lackluster transient thoughts
Life’s lines of which I cannot cipher, or at this point in my young life, read between

Winds, dispensed grudgingly, no longer a storm
To push me forward, despite indifferences shown
Unwilling to move, my determination of unknown consequence

Though resisting, forced to join the throng
Explanations from feckless masses always deceive
They manage to stifle, paying no heed to my bidding

Perhaps awkwardly, within the day and the night
My eighth year had gone
With bright eyes, joyous thoughts, smiles that were forever

It was then that I first sought direction,
those of apparent substance mused
It would never be, they so informed

Learn this, these learned teachers postured,
Only the most ordinary of people will belong
A driving force, longing to belong

Observing and studying
Mimicking what seemed to be a road to take

Always, as always
A breeze, a wind, a storm
Yet carrying me forward

Fostering me to lead them
Then hoisted upon uncomfortable shoulders
Above them, I was unceremoniously told I belonged

Without warning
In protest, I remained there
In tandem, their complaints resounded
“How come, him? He just got here!”

Strange when it first occurred
What was asked of me became done
All questions, research, inquires, labors of their loves
Became mine to reason, quench, resolve

They left me space following accomplishment
Only resentment was ever received
While they desired my help
They hated their need

They had become my unsolicited suppliants
Never finding merits within the masses
Time, like many sonnets, is forgotten

Helping fellows does bear an inward reward
With tears dried, and happiness stored
Never enough time allowed to sustain my reward
What I discovered was earned, not endowed

A breeze, even the wind will not suffice
It has been better for me to stand alone
Though raised to shoulder height
Welcoming each challenge, I will offer help
Accepting resentment as continual

Within the beginning of each day
Carrying forth, and becoming a blissful ending
Each evening

Dreams assuring a new breeze will come
Years have become many
More plentiful than a young man might have imagined

People by the thousands
Each experience added to my well
Now, seemingly too deep to ever go dry

No breath will be wasted
It will be lived as if never before
Each breeze will become a wind

And then a storm
Those helped, now assist with turmoils in store
No strangers come my way
I’ve seen them all yesterday

Turn life around then
Ready to begin again
Long since forgotten the adulation

How late in the game it may be
I’ll plan on getting through this one more storm
And remain a winning disciple
Of all the winners along my way

To those I’ve mentored
The number inestimable
Many enjoying the heights

They seem to smile during storms
Knowing a friendly breeze will return

Understanding a simple truth
No matter what you are told
Nor by whom
It may have been, to a little boy of eight

We’re all born to be strong
We all belong.

Smile today
Don’t wait for a vaccine in order to do so

da harv

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