This Just In: “Our New Starbucks”

Just opened on our corner
It used to be a nickel
Then what was, became a dime
Some even gave it away
Praying for customers to sit there and dine
Apple pie along with a la mode
No thoughts of calories
Deceptive advertising was always told
There was no “Starbucks”
No “Coffee Tea & Me”
A dollar seventy five was a dinner out
We never sipped while being plugged in
Meeting another for a drink
Was a time for conversation?
Perhaps even gin
They descend upon us relentlessly,
as would farts in a blizzard;
two by two,
      one by one,
      rarely in threes,
      never as a simple crowd at a ballgame;
ours                                                                                                                         forever;
coffee zombies;
Many,                                                 distraught                                                             wannabes!
Enjoying            overpaying for what used to be one of the       simpler things in life;
black                         coffee, an             important             part                         of             our
On             less             than a                         notable             lark             I             ventured
across                                                 our                                                                         street.
I      was      taken       by       the       cleanliness;      a
different                                                                                                             surrealism,
a             room                         filled             with                         people             not            talking
to                                                 one                                                                         another
A             series                        of                         lines             of                         apparent             human
beings             moving                         the                        same                         direction,
towards             very                   young                stewards             of            one            look
and                                                                                                                         meter
One step and stop,
one step and stop,
then                with        a         postal        service         style
each             ended                         their                         march                         with                         a             similar
cup in hand.
Most             not                         tasting             their                         brew                         until
outside                         and             in             the                         confines             of
dissimilar                                                                                                 transportation.
The             men,             not             a             tried                        and            true                         athletic
The             women,             none                         baring                         the             look                         of             a
home wrecker.
1947 Trefner’s, 619 Lexington at 53rd, NYC, a moderately priced restaurant with long-time patrons: “First there is fruit juice, then a choice of two soups. The main courses are fried chicken, steaks or some kind of fish. The chicken, which is $1, is one of the specialties of the house. Another is Hungarian goulash for 95 cents.”
Your choice of coffee, tea, or soft drink – free with meal.
Coffee Drinking Statistics
Total percentage of Americans over the age of 18 that drink coffee everyday = 54%
Average size of coffee cup = 9 ounces
Average price of an espresso-based drink = $2.45
Average price for cup of brewed coffee = $1.38
Total percentage of coffee drinkers who prefer their coffee black = 35%
Total percentage of coffee consumption that takes place during breakfast hours = 65%
Total amount of money spent by importing coffee to U.S. each year = $4 billion
Total percentage of coffee Brazil produces of entire worlds output = 30%
Total amount of cups of coffee (9 ounces) a coffee drinker consumes daily = 3.1
Total average of money spent on coffee each year by coffee drinker = $164.71
Total number of U.S. daily coffee drinkers = 100 million
Total number of U.S. daily coffee drinkers who drink specialty beverages (lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, etc.) = 30 million
Total percentage of coffee drinkers who drink 13 or more cups of coffee each week = 24%
Total percentage of coffee drinkers who go to premium places (Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc.) when they get coffee out = 34%
Total percentage of people who go to lower-price outlets (McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, etc.) when out = 29%
Total percentage of coffee consumed between meals = 30%
Total percentage of coffee drinkers who add cream and/or sugar = 65%
Total amount of U.S. coffee drinkers who claim to need a cup of coffee to start their day = 60%
Total percentage of coffee drinkers who say coffee makes them feel more like their self = 54%
Total percentage of coffee drinkers who have a cup within the first hour of waking up = 68%
Total amount of yearly money spent on specialty coffee in the U.S. = 18 billion
There was a time period long before the likes of Starbucks, when folks ventured out with only a few coins in their pockets in search of anything that might make do as their dinner. One little guy, the story is told, entered a restaurant, looked at the menu, and decided he could get one single meatball with the fifteen cents he had left to his name. The disgruntled waiter took his order, and as he turned away the little man asked if he might get some bread. The waiter responded with a bellow for all the diners to hear:
“One meat ball. One meat ball! Well, you gets no bread with one meat ball.”

Believe it or not, the song “One Meat Ball” actually became a hit in the forties.

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  1. i know you can't go back, so i guess it's with a certain distasteful drudgery that we must slog forward… where are the perks? alas, they went with the free coffee… rog

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