My High School Shortstop

My high school teammate George (Sparky) Anderson; in memoriam.

From: Harvey Kalmenson, November 3, 2010

My high school shortstop is ill
Get well, get up it’s time for us to play
I wish I had the power to heal him
And the others I’ve lost along the way
I see him there with me, just yesterday
On this field at our school
Spring, the time for kindled dreams
And our Fathers are there
Each sharing their sons’ love of a game
Fifty-nine years since together we played
Since we rose to the heights
The title of Los Angeles City Champions
Our high school so proudly displayed
My Dad called him Georgie
And Georgie he will remain with me
When last we were together, and talked of the past
Not speaking as heroes, but rather how long our true friendship did last.
When dinner was over and hugs went around
Carol whispered to me about the loving wife I had found.
You did good Carol said, that’s the way those two are,
And have always been.
One final hug as my high school shortstop kissed me on the cheek.
Carol and George gave me a memory forever to keep.

For whatever I could possibly provide, your call will be served.

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