Man or Woman; Boy or Girl

Reaching high for tasks at your new level, and what will you see and feel when you arrive there? We don’t know do we, because we’ve never been there before, have we? An other’s experience is just another experience. Try as you may, an altitude of your own is what life calls for. Every moment can be so excitingly lived, when every moment of the new is savored. Yours, as always it is meant to be. Condition, attitude, posture are the creative substance of the new. Yours not mine.

One child is seen at the beach running up and back, in and out of the surf; while another, maybe even a brother or sister of the frolicking sibling, stands there, allowing the tide to bring the water in and out between their toes, creating wells of sand outlining their feet. Neither had ever been at the beach before that day. Both will come away with a new experience permanently etched as part of who they became during this one very special day. The smell, the touch, and the feel of nature have become a new altitude for each of them. I particularly remember the difference in the way the two children described their day at the beach.

“I raced the water up and down and in and out, all day long”, was the frolicking child’s report.

The second child quietly came forth with the genuine emotion of pure truth. A tear dipped its way down the side of a cheek, which God had carved seemingly from porcelain delight. Then as quietly as a four year old could possibly offer sound, the purity of truth emerged.

“I was standing in my Daddy’s shoes, in the sand. They were too big for me, just like the boots he used to wear in the marines. He was there for me all day, just like he used to be before he had to go away.”

Was this a new and special height? Certainly the child accepted a posture, presented without reason. But if ever in that child’s life, a time comes when a feeling of truth must be put on display, those moments relived in her Daddy’s boots, at the beach and in the sand, will be there at an altitude not beyond reach or comprehension.

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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, devastatingly deep, truthful and so very poignant… a heart gripper, to be sure… rog

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