Lance Legault: Not To Be Forgotten

Twenty years of a relationship free from anything disparaging.
An audition requiring the presence of the one and only “Double L” always brought with it a smile in anticipation of his sharing a story or two. Lance Legault was a bright, boisterous, and gregarious human being.
Lance will be missed, but never forgotten. 
Our relationship with Lance was almost always professional. It would be impossible to calculate the number of times his name would rise to the top of our list on a casting call. When he’d come into our studio for an audition, it was always a fun experience; some might refer to it as an event. There was never a time when Lance kept from inquiring about my well-being or that of Cathy’s.
This last Saturday, September 22, Cathy and I attended a formal celebration of the life and times of an actor and our dear friend, Lance Legault. Each time a notable speaker took their turn at the speaker’s rostrum, we were reminded of our in-house casting director profile for the one and only, original issue of friend, and consummate actor: Lance Legault.
Lance Legault
Male, 40s, 50s, 60s, STAR, southern, western, cowboy, folksy, Johnny Cash, Texas, Jack Palance, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Tommy Lee Jones, Charles Bronson, Robert Conrad, macho, man’s man, trucker, blue collar, Drill Sergeant, military, confidential, sly, Robert Mitchum, slight western twang, rodeo, Hal Riney, gruff, masculine, coach, real, guy’s guy, bold, authoritative, somewhat dramatic, rugged, slight drawl, used car dealer, Cal Worthington, cranky, crusty, Burgess Meredith, offbeat, ominously reflective, Christopher Walken, Sam Elliott, strong, commanding respect, gravelly, tough, cowboy, younger Jack Palance, confident, cool, Official NBC NASCAR promo voice.
And, the real deal patriotic American we could all be proud of.
He will always remain our first casting idea when any of the specs above are requested. And then, we’ll smile… and reluctantly search for the next best idea, knowing there’ll never be another “Double L.”


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