Without Supposition

When he made the announcement, he intended on becoming an actor, his third grade teacher offered with her best Shakespearean interpretation (a touch sarcastically), “You are already an actor!” When his classmates stopped laughing, he asked his teacher, “Was that from Shakespeare?” His teacher shrugged her shoulders as a reply, and said, “You’ll have to ask my older sister. It’s from all those books she reads every day!”

And so the stage had been set for him, by him, inadvertently.

And I suppose, at this stage of the game, I am forced to admit many of life’s happenings come by accidental means.

A person can know and go
With what they think
Was sent to them by an angel of things
When in the form of dreams
Their angel has wings
And for certain
My angel could sing


Sarah Vaughan – Dream (Live @ Mister Kelly’s Chicago) 1957


Sarah Vaughan was suggested to me by my friend, Tony, who had returned from Korea. It’s a strange, and in many cases an all-encompassing, event for men in the service finding themselves far from home. I was enamored by Sarah Vaughan’s voice; listening to the lady sing was soothing. It was a dream to be as good as any of life’s realities could ever purport to become. Sarah singing “Dream” came at me as a blissful indulgence: “Without Supposition”.

And again, free from supposition, may all your dreams during a living, loving, and mirthful Labor Day be yours as a reality!

Harvey Kalmenson


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