Winnowing continued…

Winnowing Thoughts
My Struggle To Preserve
Prolonged thoughts often stay with me,
becoming more and more aware of a need to serve my needs.
Often ideas strike me, without pre-determinations, yet aware they exist for me to reap.
When it happens, vague reasons accompany them.
Rarely, if ever instantly understood,
answers serve as a presentment of questions following anew.
Thoughts play the music in my mind,
never with initial meanings,
simply there for me to question
each time, my self will to be determined
are my thoughts released for me to capture, only as a scribe.
In order to preserve them before even a gentle breeze manages to winnow away the remainder forever of what creativeness always succumbs to… Sifting through whatever depths remain intact.
And though experiences are familiar…
They remain for this scribe, each a humbling event!
Satisfaction temporary
Elation without notice
Today turns to yesterday
Tomorrow a new thought
Annie there to sing it
     When did this stirring commence within this evil little beast? Dad said I had just turned two, when I began making musical sounds as an accompanying human instrument to whatever the tune was he was using that night while singing little da harv to sleep (1938, maybe).
Little man you’re crying’, I know why you’re blue, Someone took your kiddy-car away, Better go to sleep now, Little man you’ve had a busy day… Johnny won your marbles, tell you what we’ll do, Dad will get you new ones right away, Better go to sleep now, Little man you’ve had a busy day…
     But if you are still young enough, and your child is as well, I would recommend singing Perry Como’s version of the song. It’s really easy enough to memorize; suitable for mommas, as well.
     Dad stood on the platform…and watching as I boarded a train heading up to Fort Ord for my basic training into the United States Army… Gazing from my window seat, I witnessed something I had never before seen my father do. Free of shame, my dad was crying. It was a first-time experience for me… sixty-eight years ago, and I can still sing the song he sang to me when I was five…
From condition, to attitude, by way of sincere reflection:
It is ours to use by all—
the Kalmenson & Kalmenson Method.
We teach what God gave us.

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