What If

What if I don’t make it in show biz? Have I wasted my years of training?

What about my singing, dancing and elocution lessons? Have I wasted all that money and training?

At Kalmenson & Kalmenson, we follow not only the Stanislavsky method of progressive study, but also the theme of social grace and proper living etiquette as prescribed by the world’s most accredited philosophers and behavioral scientists. Our students come from all walks of life as well as being aspiring actors. Our successful Kalmenson Method has been a working key, helping people to better their communication skills from the basic social relationships through corporate board rooms all over the country and, in some cases, with students now living in other parts of the world. Many prominent doctors and attorneys have come to us as a social and communication enabler.

So whether an individual makes it as an actor or merely improves their lifestyle… our method will continue to bolster the strengths of the human condition, while softening the downside of our day-to-day communication problems.

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