Veteran’s Day 2021

– November 11, here in Los Angeles –
One day 
A lifetime
A veteran is a veteran
Is a veteran 
Is a veteran…
One alone
Or all for one
And one for all…
They stood
They walked the walk…
Many still with a vaunted stride
     For me and my buddies, we were all in the service of our country. We were not yet veterans… life appeared, and there was a word for another time period used to describe much older men and women than us. I was, in fact, a very young lad of nineteen years of age at the time my career in the army began.
     In that time of life, a veteran was a person looked at by many as one who had marched in step to the beat of an uncommon drummer; a man or woman who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. My life’s participants today have little first-hand knowledge of veterans or even what entitles them to use the word “veteran”. For those who have served or are close relatives or friends of past or present vets, this holiday is of much greater significance than banks and post offices being closed.
     All around our world, wherever young men and women have served us, it’s a day when veterans are honored for their past service to our country. Please join in with your own personal thoughts and prayers for all those who have earned the righteous honor of being recognized today as a veteran who has served us all in the service of the United States of America.
From the heart and mind of this veteran to all of my comrades at large. On this day I pray along with them all, and will one day be proud to welcome them as fellows beneath our skin.

And you “Can’t Take That Away From Me”.
– HK –

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