da Harv has come to vent
His rage by sharing despair.
Often to laugh hysterically,
Being a free man, without care.
Your turn has come
Try it on for size
With no consequences
No punishment for lamenting.
Comes now this chance
For the fearful amongst you
To express dissents.
The best way possible, venting!
Ah fresh air, there’s nothing like it. Breathe it in and enjoy the simplest gift of all.
Think about it, we’re so much better off than most fish. Think again, what if you don’t gravitate towards water… it’s the salt in the sea, you find nauseating. If not for surfing, you might never go near the liquid; although there are times I suppose drinking the stuff is required. Personally, da Harv prefers single malt scotch. But, as any half-ass politician may have said, “I digress.”
Let’s see… we were discussing ventilation. Actually it’s the first syllable of the word, which offers me a form of salvation, an oblique promise of resuscitation. To vent!
To Vent: Giving free expression to strong emotion. 
The air is clear and fresh
I had not yet allowed my mind to wander down any roads
Previously having formed an almost daily rebuff
Unready to surrender my quiet
On our balcony
Alone with thoughts
Relishing the insights of an untroubled mind.
Stillness, still as a cherished possession.
Mid Day
Early day possessions have long gone
No cherishing
No stillness
Was there ever any?
Morning forgotten
Thirty of them seeking
Have come and gone
Professing to know me
Self-serving interests on display
A form of relief
Now they are gone.
Were there rewards to share?
Any likely conquests to declare?
All I could recall
Came void, no shining light
No swords had been brandished
Just my search for peaceful convocation
A table for one
Perhaps tomorrow
When from the night
A new stillness returns
And the air is again clear and fresh
Before I surrender my quiet
There will come a new zeal
Different from all the rest.
Come one, come all; welcome. It’s a big bad bandwagon. Get on without fear of verbal retaliations.
Dying to put your two cents in writing? This is the time. Total truths, or even the vaguest of distillations. You send it to me for my blog, and the next thing you know the whole world gets a chance to see what the average, or above average “Venter” has to say.
As an example:
         Offer your disgust, or affirmation and likes over our latest political convention attendees;
         What a dipstick you know your boss happens to be;
         Girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, current mistress or mister,
         People you hate,
         People you love,
         Children (yours or his, or the product of an accident of unknown origin).
Pick a target, and let it fly. Don’t concern yourself with even the most modest of reprisals. You’re safe. It’s not like da Harv putting his name to his continuous sequels of abrogation spins. If you get the idea that I seek to remove a variety of our government’s untidy laws, doctrines, and methods for siphoning off the little extra remaining oxygen for our survival, then you have read me correctly.
I proudly attach my signature to almost all I independently scribe. I neither send fourth my observations without secondary meaning nor cloaked behind the screen of another man’s worthy whims.
But what if I ask you to let loose from whatever it is creating the inward fear that keeps you from expressing your own principled mindset? Venting far exceeds the joy of surfing. No fish in water provided another with the courageous release of letting the air out without fear of recrimination. What if you took out a pad this very moment and wrote out two simple statements: one stating a clear dislike and the other letting us all become aware of a particular person, place, or thing that provides any form of emotional redemption.
And… my latest big vent of this day:
The “they people,” of their respective days on earth, who all find the time to become annoyed by those who fight for the rights enjoyed by Americans.
A common statement not reserved for any particular time period:
“‘Who cares?’ Can be an extremely suitable statement as a commentary describing the average person’s degree of involvement with our world today.”
The year was…
          Pre-Civil War, circa 1860.
          World War One, circa 1914.
          World War Two, circa 1941.
          The Korean War, circa 1950.
And now today, as we live and breathe, here we are and here we go again. Vicious people, who despise all we stand for as Americans, are once again taking advantage of our average man’s attitude.
“‘Who cares?’ Can be an extremely suitable statement as a commentary describing the average persons degree of involvement with our world today.”
Each and every time we slept, others – totally awake and aware of our lack of interest – took advantage of our historical stupidity.
During these days, when we grieve over our losses from our last full-fledged raping, those who hate us once again have proclaimed their hatred, in no uncertain terms.
What a wonderful time for all of us Americans to reunite with one singular goal: to preserve and continue as the most productive nation in the history of the world.

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