Try Bracing Yourself

“Try Bracing Yourself”

Today, I happen to be wearing a back brace. Some pain to complain about, but, an awful lot to be happy and prayerful about as well. It could have knocked me on my ass except for a couple of facts always there to battle, whomever and whatever it is, whose solitary goal was taking da harv down.

Thanks to, of course, the queen of casting, Cathy Kalmenson. Our beat goes on. Each and every day we’re thankful for what we have achieved together, and continue our plans for the future. I’m at my desk looking forward to the next, and the next, and, of course, the next day.

Luciano Pavarotti and Liza Minelli – New York, New York

It was many years since I saw them together in person. And each time I may be a little low, spiritually, I turn to people both past and present who help me to snap out of it. You, as well, I pray will do the same, if you require a genuine shot of joy from New York.

Please be well!

Harvey Kalmenson

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