The What Ifs

Thinking about stuff
Along our way 
Perhaps theirs

With or without a sigh 
Many might say, “who cares”
Not I
He, she, man or woman
Not withstanding
Rarely a smile
Often a pout

None bearing influence 
Void of clout
Free from saying what they mean

They spoke during the year 650 BC. It was a time when few could vote, or raise a hand and swear to a higher force. In their era, shirts had not yet been invented. The actors and politicians wore gowns. Most were referred to as clowns. Life expectancy was around age thirty for actors. Unions and I did not exist until: 1933.

“Stop the presses”, this just in… Many important folks have stopped for a second or two to say, “I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by”. Well, that’s not a very great or discerning discovery one might stand up and cheer about. I’m talking about life in general. For most of us, up until when we get out of college, “stuff” moves along very slowly. I’m pretty sure the European immigrants thought “stuff” meant crap. Like anything stored in a garage that they didn’t have the heart to throw away…

Okay, I’ll move on with my love of storytelling, especially about things and stuff touched by my happy past.

When we were very, very young
We learned about things
As they were told to us
Usually it was Mom or Dad
Happy to share what they had to say
They both always seemed in touch
Telling about an old aunt or uncle
Nothing was ever understated
Words and music
All responding without a blush
A time for raucous laughter
One day, Mom’s laugh turned into a tear
Dad motioned for me to be quiet
A finger across his lip
Mom dried her eyes and quipped
The good stuff goes so fast, she allowed
I love you all, she said
I’m so damn proud!
And Dad with his smile back in place
Bent at the waist
Bowed towards her
As an actor would

Harvey Kalmenson
Tomorrow, in your very next AM
With all you remember, perhaps you might expound
While wishing for the very best
You’ve earned it forever
Good stuff will be found!

Harvey Kalmenson

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