The Malaise of Indecision and Fear

The Malaise of Indecision and Fear
The other day…
In deep thought
This man’s considerations
Of oneself
Of nature’s ways
Human imperfections
Too damn many to say
The usual forms, unable to be formed
All my fields,
A year without planting
No harvest will be found
Young things wilting
Just look around
Here I sit in contemplation
I am a teacher
Adrift without sound
Nothing in bloom
They ask for me to do the impossible
My children must not breathe on each other
They who ask must all be Mad Hatters                    
At best
Insane characters
Giving me riddles to solve
Professing love
An erstwhile endeavor,
If only they meant it
…And I take this time from your read
Offering some solace to those of us in need
Our children will all become rewarded
Recompensed with everlasting elation
Each heart pounding out an ever-stronger beat.
There will always be teachers to serve them.
Guaranteeing every child, a chance to succeed. 
Too far in my distant past, at the end of an arduous teaching day, I take this moment of recollection…thinking back to a most pleasant moment. My mind working for me, a little overtime, a person might say. After exchanging phone numbers and all agreeing to stay in touch, the class had come to an end of a six-week cycle. The students had all left the building except for one. Three things in a row followed as she walked up to where I sat at the front of the recording area. She offered her hand to shake, she handed me this little white box, tied with a red ribbon, and a tiny card, and kissed me on the cheek as she departed. I opened the box. It contained a bright “delicious” apple. The note read, “Always remain the teacher you are”! Enough said!
Often the times we live in, some would say we exist in, degrees of extremes, heaped upon us by the very people we are relying on to bring us from life’s doldrums to a higher hill in search of a flow of fresh air. We find ourselves depending on the very people we voted for, believing their promises as a guarantee, then discovering there is no working guarantee of a joyous lifetime to behold.

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