The Happiest of July Fourth Celebrations

Around this great country of ours, another imbalance exists. I, of course, am duty bound to point it out to those of you who may have missed it.

The celebration of the founding of our country has been a time-honored event. Now, where in the world do Americans enjoy the festivities more than on our vast network of military bases and, of course, in Washington D.C.?
This year, our government has announced many of our military installations will not be having fireworks in honor of July 4th. So, all you service members living on military compounds, along with your families and friends, will have to revel in the glorious fact that by not having, you’re saving our government a great deal of money.
“The Quibblers”
The Senate and the House of Representatives are formally known together as our Congress. The military, composed of five branches of armed forces, are our defenders. While one group — the ones we elected in order to serve us — exists by displaying a degree of quibbling, par excellence, the other — the guys and gals who didn’t have to but volunteered anyways — acts on our behalf without reservation.

Yes, our founders did sacrifice, just as our men and women now placing their lives in harm’s way have taken an oath to do. Our military lives up to the highest standard of God-like performance. At the same time, our HOUSE OF QUIBBLERS distinguishes itself by saving some bucks in not allowing our service heroes to have some fireworks to share with their family and friends.
  • The nerve of these donkeys of ours, rewarding our Internal Revenue Service employees with huge salary increases at a time like this, is incorrigible.
  • The nerve of paying one of our “civil” servants to sit at home and collect her wages after she spat in the eyes of our quibblers by taking the fifth, is incorrigible.
But, I speak of things that appear as though folks are willing to live with. The other day, I had a guy say something to me about not being able to fight City Hall. He spelled out, in donkey-like braying, that the big wigs will always be able to get away with whatever they want – because it’s all about money. I pointed out to him how, since the beginning of time and up until our United States of America came into existence, people tended to believe his asshole-like statements as being the only true way of life.
At least the fact “da harv” can send out his own brand of Freedom of Speech; pray for our troops who serve as our protectors; and, at the same time proclaim the utter stupidity of our elected Quibblers, is a form of July 4th fireworks all of us are free to share in.
 “What brighter light could burn, then that which has been nurtured by those who have understood and appreciated the gifts that endow any and all, those who may venture within the boundaries of this country’s great heart!”
– HK ’01

I saw a man today
With his wife and
Very young little lady child,
Smiling as they played with one another.
How could it be?
With great wonderment
I watched this man
With his wife
With his adoring little lady child
Free from fear they gave
Each to each other
A husband to a wife
A Dad to his little lady child
As deeply as I could ever hope to be inspired
He smiled so easily as he cherished what he had
A year before as a soldier hero
This man had given almost all of what was there to give
Yet without two arms and two legs
They played together
This man, with his wife, and their little lady child.
They beamed from an inner light
Still joyful above all
With what remained
What God had not put aside.

 – HK ’13

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