Spark Glimmer Flame

 Spark, Glimmer, Flame
Avoid calling it prayer
Apply wishful thinking
Yours alone to take
A second choice
Still fighting well-aged despair
Search the seemingly burned out coals
Perhaps a flicker of light
Remains beneath
Though worn down
Mine to keep
Beneath it all
My mind’s eye revealing
Yet difficult to trust
Sleep remains in groggy eyes
Yawning, scarcely in belief
Once it was then
Today I perceive
A flame appears
Flickering brighter now
Coals brightly burning
Have they returned
A spark, a glimmer, a flame
The soul of this actor
More than an ember
Then, it is now
Not yet quenched
A flame still burns
An upward curtain
New, better, unspurred
He shares his secret
Inside his grounded temperament
Urgings for him to growl again
Okay then, you bastards, one more time
Do not play me
Is it truly a sparkle I feel
Oh if only emotions were trustworthy
Oh to be
At home, at home again, with lights shimmering, and a flame flickering at rise
Oh! To bow again
Once more hearing the blissful sounds of an unmasked audience with its wave upon wave of approving tides, forever filling all of life with blessings!

Chicago Auditorium Theatre
Chicago’s Landmark Stage
Est. 1889

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