Sh*t Happens

“Sh*t Happens”

As they say… “In life, sh*t happens!” And when you become an aggravated recipient of the same, you might often feel like a receptacle for what a higher being ordered up for you. The older we become, the greater our chances are of having any number of games recklessly thrust upon us. For any of you out there who find yourself in the position of being life’s first-timer, familiarize yourselves. Believe me, it will most likely happen more often than you might expect.

Physical or mental, pain is pain. It is what it is. Often a person may experience a double dose, both forms of pain inflicted at the same time, and many times in various geographic locations, mind, or body.

“The Rain in Spain”, performed by Rex Harrison, Wilfrid Hyde-White, and Audrey Hepburn (partially dubbed by Marni Nixon), from the musical film “My Fair Lady” (1964). The song is a turning point in the plotline of the musical. Professor Higgins (Rex) and Colonel Pickering (Wilfrid) have been drilling Eliza Doolittle (Audrey) continually with speech exercises, trying to break her Cockney accent speech pattern.

Mental or physical, or both at the same time.

🌷 Good Passover, Good Easter, Good Life & Times! 🌷
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