RICOCHET: Thinking about yesterday, contemplating tomorrow…

Stepping below
Often from the edge
Praying, were it a ledge
Safely resting on a breeze
Of righteous thought… I thought
Meaningless… when bought
Disguised in his dormancy
Betrayed favor
Jested by these fanatics
Religious clods
Human struggle beneath
An entire country’s grief
They rush in
New thrones, there to replace the old
Always they are the same
Those, the sanctimonious play for all
Indifferent sides, results separated then rejoined
This massive surge of humanity alone
Fresh newborn breezes seize the moment
Some move back from ledges
Others fall as nature dictates
Fear dissipates
New longevity bolstered
Each life
 Weak or strong
Taking unwanted roads
A precipice hidden beneath a new ledge
Deeper than others
People, right or wrong
Fear each new breeze
Learning during man’s mortal stay
Longevity rules
Too often deceived by one’s self alone
Not forever to stay
To float
Above a new ledge, ladder perched
Not obstructed by another’s will
Moving up using each rung
Your heart assures
You will not fall
You will not fail
You belong
A new ledge to form
Ricochet your norm
Monday, 19 August 2002
        I guess there always will exist a “why” and “wherefore” for all of us to ponder from time to time. I readily admit to being a ponderer. The piece you just read was written by me twenty years ago in August of 2002, on a Monday. And if you’re interested, it was a pondering day for me. Please take note, the word “ponder” should not be confused with the word “pander”, even though men and even some ladies might be involved with either.
        When pandering is in the hands of so-called “leaders” —and it’s less than artful gestures have been directed towards our friends, trusted allies, and most importantly their constituents the very people who have voted them into command— chaos always represents the precursor for defeat. And yet, with all the proven crap we are systematically fed by those at the top since the beginnings, we American people have managed to grow and prosper. We all must take a breath, make that a deep inhaling of only what we all know to be the truth; “We shall overcome!”
        Longevity and ledges are the world’s salvation. Some ledges stand for eternities while others crumble —hopefully into beautiful white sandy beaches for humanity to enjoy for centuries to come.
And one more thing… Notes (with a smile):
Qualifications to be a United States Representative
To be elected, a representative must be at least 25 years old, a United States citizen for at least seven years and an inhabitant of the state he or she represents.
        In order to serve in any branch of our United States military, a gal or guy must have a complete physical exam performed by the branch of the service he or she plans on serving in. The exam is thorough to say the least, usually taking a full day or more, depending on the chosen branch of service. Additionally, in most cases the first week of service is dedicated to a complete battery of mental exams as well. Mental and physical results will determine whether or not you’re qualified to serve. After all, a person who may have a mental condition should not be allowed to deal with any form of weapon (you would think). After all, many lives are at stake.
If you have a moment or two to help me out with a couple of burning questions, I’d really appreciate the help:
1. If the military strives to make reasonably sure a new recruit isn’t mentally or physically impaired by requiring mental and physical tests, why isn’t the same requirement exist for anyone running for Congress?
If I was able to serve, I would. But da harv is far too old for the military. Interestingly enough, I could run for Congress —they don’t seem to have an age requirement. As a matter of fact, I could run for governor of the state I’ve been living in for the past seventy-four years.
2. The president of the United States is limited to two four-year terms, but some of our congress are at the point of being far too old for the Woodland Hills Actors’ home. It’s my humble opinion the founding fathers never expected to live as long as we do today.
I wrote this great song for election time. It’s all wrapped up in a professional bow and ready for a listen. My song is called: “It’s What America Is All About”. It is a complete and professionally produced demo which has been suitably copyrighted.

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