Poetry, God, & Shakespeare

In the most dismal of times, when least expected,
Choose to hunt for the inevitable spark
When a body seems too tired for the hunt
From your helpers with no form of mockery towards you
They glean from life’s losses, betrayals, and victories,
All scribed earnestly,
With only your betterment at heart’s will,
Your chin to once again be lifted skyward
By more than family;
These three:
“Poetry, God, & Shakespeare”
For within these three
All being sought
Are rightfully found
An abstract meaning of sight and sound
When your needs be
Questioning, of questions
Allowing allowances
In search of, to be in search of
When not knowing,
Within itself brings strife
Thoughts become subsequent to your day
Stretching unrestricted
The faith you seek lifted from pages
Stimulating its way
From all what was the past
As life presents to you, at last
The proper, improper, and the unseen
The songs, the prayers, and the abstractions,
Clearly, kindness torches kindled
Without prescription,
False remembrances become true
From one’s self
Faith begins to stir
Friends will meet again
By Poetry, God, and Shakespeare
The past, your present, and future,
Today, and from within all ages,
Permit me to remind:
“It is yours, truly to glean, if it be your will.
The spark has turned to flame
Come alive, free to astound!”

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