Pinnacle of Endeavors


It was such a nice little dream to be living! [It was our dreamer’s agent on the phone.]

“Good news”, she said. “Remember that thing you recorded and sent off to Kalmenson & Kalmenson yesterday? Well, they just called to let me know they picked you. It works tomorrow… And it’s even bigger than we thought. You’re going to be their national spokesperson.”

Dear Cleat,

Fait Accompli: Your yesterday was such a good one. You’re entitled. But I know you wonder…

How in the world does da harv profess to know what my yesterday was like? He wasn’t there with me, yet, he told me so with a great degree of conviction, I found myself with a rather dynamic thought pattern taking hold. What if he was pulling one of his father’s tricks on me? …Nah, couldn’t be, I thought. This morning, I awakened with da harv’s words with me. It proved to be another of his tricks. It was only a dream after all. Like the man said, “I was living a dream”!

Well, Cleat, what if this little missive turned out to be miraculously almost totally true? What if you found out:

“It’s Never Too Late For Dreams”?
Live and perceive
Without those attempting to deceive
You’ve become a dream taker
An intellectual plumber
Letting your brain rain
Building esteem
Not theirs… Yours
To have and to hold onto
These are forever yours
Lifelong dreams
Coming true
Asking yourself
How high is high
When your life’s goals are an incline
Your future is a measurement
An ever-growing pinnacle
A place where dreams
Endlessly come true
Pleasant dreams my friend!

– HK –

P.S. Don’t hesitate. Don’t stop your climb. The degree of difficulty and time it takes to reach a success pinnacle is relative to one’s mindset. And as my dear friend Albert discovered: it’s all relative. All pinnacles are there to be raised! Think about it. Maybe a dream or two might help. It wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, hurt.

Harvey Kalmenson

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