“Our VoiceOver World”

The Voice Actor

Listen closely, or from a distance

Like, love, or disapprove my tone if you will

Be in agreement, or tune out my theories

Be moved into a mirthful state

Dissolve passionless from my efforts to create

Your choice in listening to me be only yours

I well may be a deceiver

Not nurturing any humans bigoted ways

Not helping, or encouraging to cipher

Who I am, or what regions were the origins

Which cultivated my ways, these remaining days

For when you are in a listening mode

And I’ve found your ear

Perhaps then betraying fear

I am a voice bearing no skin color with my sound

My frame is both short and tall

My gender reflects all

And age becomes ageless as my messages abound

I grow stronger within the populace

No body nor will, may govern who I’ve become

Free from those who may choose by my nature or color

I am race-less in all I profess or say

I am a voice-actor, among many

The world would be a better place if they did it my way!


 January 2000

da harv

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